You don't really have a choice as to whether or not beer will get poured all over you at a darty or tailgate. But instead of yelling at whichever frat boy decided it was time to explode his beer all over your head, you should be thanking him. A beer hair rinse is cheaper and quite possibly better than any conditioning treatment you'll get at a salon.

Turns out, beer is actually filled with proteins that have many benefits for your hair. There are even YouTube videos for DIY beer hair rinses that promise soft, silky hair. Doctors will even agree that the nutrients found in the natural barley and hops contained in beer will give you the "benefits of fuller, thicker and more bodied hair through the use of a beer rinse." 

You might be asking yourself, how the hell does this actually work? Basically, the outer layer of your hair is easily damaged, and when this happens the cells in your hair are no longer aligned. The beer reacts with the hair cuticles in the outer layer and the cells realign, making hair feel softer and smoother than ever. However, the beer can only work on already existing hair, meaning that it won't make your hair grow any faster. 

If you don't want to listen to me about the benefits of a beer hair rinse, what about "The Bachelor's" Ashley Iaconetti? She did her research, and came up with her own technique that involved letting the beer flatten for 45 minutes. Then she opted for her normal shampoo and conditioner.

Instead of rinsing and repeating, she poured the glass of beer over her head and let it all soak in for a few minutes, while reminiscing of frat houses in college, I'm sure. She swears her hair was softer than it's ever been the following morning.

Since most college beers are shitty anyway, you might as well pour them in your hair. Put them to good use instead of drinking all those empty calories. When your hair is super soft on the Sunday after a tailgate, you'll be thanking me.