Summer break is finally here and so is Beefsteak’s new summer menu. The fast casual restaurant known for its bowls of vegetable goodness has recently revamped it's menu for the summer season.  And, while the menu still includes classics like the Frida Kale and Eden bowls, it now features seasonal vegetables and new options.

Why the update? Beefsteak's Chief of Produce, Bennett Haynes, says it's to get people excited about the different produce each season provides.  With every season, comes a different crop of fresh local vegetables.  For restaurants like Beefsteak, that source their ingredients from local farms, this means changing the menu to adapt to the seasons.  The results are fresher, more flavorful options for customers. 

 So, what does the updated menu look like? Let’s take a look. 

1. Green Lightnin'

Green Lightnin', one of the two new salads added, is an avocado lovers dream. Its base is romaine lettuce tossed in an avocado herb dressing and topped with strawberries, watercress, sugar snap peas, radish and more avocado for good measure. Crunchy, smooth and sweet, Green Lightnin' tastes like an explosion of summer in your mouth.

2. Lime After Lime

vegetable, salad, corn, cereal
Karissa Waddick

Lime After Lime, the second of the two new salads, is a twist on a typical southwestern salad. It has a base of cilantro-lime quinoa, romaine lettuce, radicchio, arugula, roasted edamame and corn and is topped with cherry tomatos, scallions, za’atar, and sunflower seeds. With the sweet corn, bitter radicchio and crunchy sunflower seeds, every bite is filled with flavor. The chili lime vinaigrette dressing on top perfectly ties it all together.  Lime After Lime is filling and light, making the perfect summer lunch option. 

3. Curried Treasure

vegetable, carrot, salad, pepper, broccoli
Karissa Waddick

Curried Treasure, the new signature bowl, will transport you to an island of spicy bliss.  The bowl is made with rice, blanched broccoli, sugar snap peas and carrots and is topped with crispy peas and pea shoots from Little Wild Things Urban Farm in Washington, DC. Creamy green curry sauce is drizzled on the bowl for an added kick. With crispy vegetables and a velvety sauce, who could ask for anything more?

4. Beefsteak Tomato Burger

In the mood for something "meatier"? Have no fear, the Beefsteak burgers are here. The Beet Burger is staying on the menu and will be accompanied by the Beefsteak Tomato Burger. The tomato burger is made with a fresh tomato slice topped with pickled red onions, sprouts, caper herb mayo, olive oil and Sea Salt and is served on an olive oil brioche bun.  The mild flavor and crispy texture of the sprouts with the herb mayo and juicy tomato provide all the enjoyment of eating a burger with more flavor and less guilt. If the tomato juice and mayo mixture aren't dribbling down your chin by the last bite then you've eaten this burger wrong.  

salad, pepper, vegetable
Karissa Waddick

Summer can often be filled with processed, sugary foods but the new Beefsteak menu shows that it doesn't have to be. Delicious fresh vegetables are in season right now and are waiting for you at your nearest Beefsteak. The only challenge is picking a favorite menu option.