World Kindness Day was November 13th, but it's not too late to celebrate. A St. Louis locale, Clementine's Naughty and Nice Creamery, is known for its wildly creative flavors: luscious lilac colored honey lavender ice cream, evocative of running through fields of flowers with honey-brushed lips; the iconic gooey butter cake ice cream—a St. Louis favorite of tangy cream cheese ice cream studded with chewy vanilla pieces of caramelized baked goods; and their naughty and citrusy pink champagne sorbet, which is sure to tickle your fancy.

But this month Clementine's Creamery is switching things up to an even sweeter level. All proceeds from pints of their Bee the Change ice cream will be donated to the charity Tribe All Good, which helps fund existing community non-profits. So, swing by your nearest creamery or place an online order today.

The Flavor

Bee the Change is made with granulated cactus honey, which is actually just a fancy way of saying agave, with a hint of honey mixed in. This combination of honey and agave gives the ice cream a light caramel color. The creamy flavor profile of Bee the Change can be summed up as vanilla with bits of floral amber, which create a silky smooth texture. Pieces of honeycomb cookie add a little crunch that pleasantly breaks up this smooth goodness. Much like candied seafoam, these crunches add a punch of concentrated honey flavor before dissolving in your mouth.

Wait, Did You Know Honey Is Good For You?

According to history the first ice cream was referenced by King Solomon's fondness for iced drinks. However, the first honey ice cream, or first ice cream for that matter, was made for Alexander the Great using shaved Appalachian ice with honey and nectar as the main sweetener and flavor profile. Bee the Change's tongue-tickling flavors were clearly a historical favorite. 

In the past honey was used as a treatment for sore throats because it is an antibacterial, which allows it to heal and clean wounds, relieving the pain often associated with infection. In fact according to a recent analysis by Oxford University's Medicine School and the Nuffield Primary Care Health Sciences, 14 studies have indicated that honey is a better throat healer than antibiotics. Not only does Clementine's ice cream taste good, and do good, but now we can say it's good for you. Hey, I'm not the one making the rules here.

How To Bee The Change

Tribe All Good's founder Kayla Dennis gives Bee the Change ice cream a try (pictured above). Dennis founded TAG in hopes of fostering a greater "People Matter Culture." TAG's goals are to help existing grassroots organizations gain funding and develop their programs. TAG listens to existing community voices and helps with anti-poverty funding in underserved communities. One of the main ways the organization empowers community members is by hosting Town Hall Meetings to educate community members about pressing topics of interest such as the Healthy Home Repair Program. 

There's nothing sweeter than Clementine's Creamery, a woman-owned business, supporting a woman-founded non-profit. What tastes better than kindness? Nothing. Except maybe Bee the Change ice cream (and hey, we've decided that honey's good for you, right?). So stop by Clementine's today, pick up a pint or two, and "Bee the Change," because your favorite ice cream shop just got a whole lot sweeter.