If you have an Instagram, you’re probably familiar with the popular concept of foodstagramming. You take a picture of your meal, slap on a filter and upload it for the world to see. But now, this foodstagramming fad has the ability to change lives.


Photo courtesy of wethefeedies.com

Topaz Page-Green, the founder of The Lunchbox Fund, a nonprofit organization that sends healthy meals to starving schoolchildren in South Africa, teamed up with world-renowned chef Mario Batali and others to create a free app called Feedie. If you’re at any of the Feedie-participating restaurants, you can take a picture of your meal through the app and choose from different filters specifically designed to make food look great. Once you upload the picture, the restaurant will make a donation to The Lunchbox Fund, which will then send a healthy meal to a child in need. It’s as simple as that.


Photo courtesy of pinterest.com user Erin Wallace

Feedie, which launched on October 9, 2013, has provided over 12,000,000 meals through the app and donations. Since the app is just beginning to expand, most participating restaurants are in New York City. So far, the only restaurant in the Windy City is the Chop Shop, but the app is sure to gain traction with more popular support from Chicagoans.

So the next time you feel the foodstagram urge come over you as a waiter places that mouthwatering cheeseburger in front of you, pause. See if you’re at a Feedie-participating restaurant and show Feedie your burger too! Combine foodstagramming with generosity and make a difference.