According to The Daily Meal’s ranking of the 60 Best Colleges for Food in America for 2013, BU ranks #36. Dining hall meals are the culprit of the much-talked-about freshman 15, but with BU’s three dining halls the pounds are worth it. So where should you be filling yourself with deliciousness? Check out my pros and cons list!

The Fresh Food Company at Marciano Commons

1. The pasta bar: fresh pasta made right in front of you
2. It’s the most vegan and vegetarian friendly
3. Marciano is a “4-Star Certified Green Restaurant
4. Two floors make for more seating and less time table searching
5. Two entrances help to control the flow of traffic
6. It boasts a great view of Kenmore Square
7. A bathroom is located inside

1. Due to high traffic, drinks, fruit and cereal are sparse
2. Crowded at all peak hours due to its location
3. Finger print check-in after scanning your I.D. card is inconvenient

Best for…people who have a broad palate.

Warren Towers 

Photo by Sarah Wu

1. Warren has the basics – burgers, pasta, sandwiches and pizza
2. Offers a Mongolian grill where you can grill veggies of your choice
3. Cecilia. If you’ve had an omelette in Warren you know who I’m talking about
4. You can get your breakfast all in one location if you choose…fruit, oatmeal, coffee and tea are all located in the same place
5. It’s located in the heart of East Campus near most of BU’s colleges
6. Warren’s residents never have to go leave the building to get to it

1. Faulty toasters (which leads to a half-toasted bagel)
2. It’s impossible to find a table between the hours of 12 and two
3. Lack of variety

Eat here if…you enjoy the basics.

The Fresh Food Company at West Campus

Photo by Sarah Wu

1. Its toasters run like a conveyor belt – even toasting every time
2. West burgers are the best
3. The food is served in larger portions than other dining halls
4. The sauces are all easy to find
5. The dining hall boasts a view of Nickerson Field
6. Ample seating
7. It has two entrances through Claflin and Sleeper

1. There are often long lines at dinner, as the next closest dining hall is a 15 minute walk away
2. There tend to be many stations with the same types of meat (ex. three stations with chicken)

Choose West if…you’re a meat eater.

My take? I enjoy variety, great views, and good food.  Marciano Commons is the complete package for me. What’s your pick?