Baskin-Robbins knows that the two best words in the English language are "ice cream" and "free". Now, they've decided to bring the two together by giving away free ice cream to celebrate the start of National Ice Cream Month on Sunday, July 1. I know you're excited.

Baskin-Robbins will giveaway samples of its signature Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Polar Pizza on Sunday, July 1 between 3-7 pm. If you haven’t tried it before, this pizza starts out with a chocolate chip cookie base (because nothing bad can come from starting with a chocolate chip cookie). Then, the crust is topped with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, cookie-dough pieces, sprinkles and a marshmallow drizzle. Nope, you’re not in an ice cream-related dream.

Free ice cream on July 1 isn’t the only thing Baskin-Robbins is doing to celebrate this special month. The company is also debuting a new flavor, Blackberry Hibiscus, which is a combo of ice cream and sorbet swirled together. It's definitely going to be the ultimate way to cool down and refresh this July.

They’re also bringing back a fan favorite flavor for the month, Oreo 'n Cake, which hasn’t been in stores since 2015. It’s cake flavored ice cream filled with Oreo pieces throughout. Name a better duo. I’ll wait.

Finally, the world’s largest chain of ice cream is also celebrating National Ice Cream Day (July 15) by offering special deals to anyone who downloads the Baskin-Robbins Mobile App. You could be helping yourself to a buy one, get one free ice cream cone or a 99-cent sundae. And did I mention they can be used for any flavor? 'Cause they can.

Baskin-Robbins has a pretty stacked National Ice Cream month lined up. So you'll have to make your way to one of their locations on July 1 to start the celebration.