In the quarter system, every student knows the struggle of having to keep up with school work. The incredibly fast pace makes it hard to keep up with the course load. Thus, as the weeks go by and the waves of exams hit us, we find ourselves giving up sleep in order to study more and do better. How sleep deprived are you at this point in the quarter? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. What is the first color to come to mind when you hear “food?”

  2. When was the last time you ate something called a “vegetable?”

  3. A mysterious bunny gave you five boiled eggs and told you to cut them in half. What would you do next?

  4. Where do you go to get food?

  5. How would you describe your diet in one word?

  6. What have you been drinking the most lately?

  7. Looking back at your diet for the past few weeks, how would you describe the balance between healthy and unhealthy foods?

  8. If you were to suddenly fall asleep while eating, what is your face most likely to land in?