College students usually have really shitty jobs. From cashiering to food service to bartending, we deal with a lot of annoying situations because, unfortunately, we really need the money.

At a popular campus bar, there is definitely no shortage of cringe-worthy moments. From puking on the bar to stiffing servers/bartenders, an Indiana University student bartender gave me the scoop on the 13 worst things you can do at a campus bar. Have a good time while you're out, but don't be one of these people. 

1. Being rude

It's honestly not that hard to throw in a "please" and "thank you" every now and then. Instead of saying, "Give me a beer," try "Could I have a Bud Light please?" You'll get much better service, and you'll avoid being deemed a jerk by the employees.

2. Asking for a beer but not specifying which one

Bartenders, much like cashiers and food service workers, are not mind readers. Unless you specifically say that you want a PBR, no one knows what you want. 

3. Asking for free drinks or to make it strong

I'm not really sure what makes people feel this entitled to a $5 mixed drink, but no one is going to give you a free drink or pour in a little extra liquor for no reason. You can't get bacon on your McDonald's cheeseburger for free, so what makes you think you can get an extra shot of liquor for free? 

4. Hitting on employees

"We're not drunk and we get off at four in the morning — we're not going home with you!!" 'Nough said. 

5. Puking

No one likes puke. So when you get so trashed that you blow chunks on the bar, no one likes you — especially the poor worker(s) who has to clean it up.

6. Falling asleep in the bathroom

Okay, kudos to you for actually making it to the bathroom, but c'mon. There's a line of people who need to break the seal or puke, so go home if you're that wiped out.

7. Stiffing your server/bartender

Your bartender just dealt with your drunk ass for three hours. You racked up a $40 tab. Leave them the (at least) 15% that they deserve or don't go out at all. This goes for restaurants and bars. If you can't leave a tip, you shouldn't be going out. 

8. Getting in fights

You are not cool or tough or any positive adjective for getting into a fight. In fact, you're exactly the opposite. No one likes being in the middle of a fight, so keep your cool for everyone's sake, including yours. You'll regret it when you sober up and feel that black eye.

9. Not knowing what you want to order and making your server sit there and wait for you to decide

"Tell me you need a minute and I'll come back," says IU student bartender. Campus bars get really, really busy. Odds are your server has several other groups to attend to, so don't waste their time unnecessarily. 

10. Not getting the hint when you hit on someone and they're not interested

No means no, whether the person you're hitting on is outright saying it or simply implying it. The more you push for someone who isn't DTF, the more you make yourself look like an ass to everyone around you — then no one will be DTF. Be respectful.

11. Being belligerent/disrespectful

What a perfect segue — don't get so hammered that you turn into a total jerk. Adding to the list of things that no one likes, no one likes the swaying, slurring, belligerent drunk person. Go home.

12. Leaving big messes at tables

If you spill your drink, at least make some sort of effort to clean it up. A lot of the time, tables will have napkins or paper towels on them. If you're too lazy to do your server a favor and soak up your spill, at least tell them that you made a mess so they can clean it up right then. Don't just leave your mess for them when you leave.

13. Not moving out of the server's way when they're trying to deliver a drink

By now, hopefully you realize that servers/bartenders have to deal with a lot of crap. This is one of those little things that are super easy for you to do, and it makes a server's life that much easier. Move out of the way when a server is trying to get by, especially if they're asking you to move.

This shouldn't even be on the list because it requires so little effort to scoot over, but people never fail to surprise you with how rude they can be.

Next time you go out to one of your campus' popular bars, remember this list. Your bartender is probably a student, like you, and they're just trying to make their rent. If you have asshole tendencies, hold them in as best as you can, and make sure you ask for a Natty Light please.