Prepping with your bros for the days debauchery.

Then you arrive at the first bar after a long drunken walk.

But you see your bae is chatting it up with someone other than you.

It’s alright though because your Bar Crawl t-shirt game is on point.

After eating one of the “Free Cookies” offered on State Street.

You head to Pasquale’s for some pizza, only to be cut in line by a group of freshman.

You’ve been drinking since 10am though so you’re still very happy and drunk.

Then your friends tell you that you’re a little too drunk.

And a post-finals stress and liquor induced argument between you all of your friends ensues.

Then it’s back home for a mid-day nap, no pants time!

You wake up starving and the drunchies become all too real.

Then you head back downtown for more mayhem.

The rest of the night is a blur and the next day you’re hungover, but remember what a blast you had the day before.