Everyone loves a good buttered piece of toast or a buttered up pancake, but what if I told you that butter is the worst fat for you? People are technically not supposed to consume fats that are solids at room temperature. As a matter of fact, these fats will only clog your arteries and increase your cholesterol (gross!).

But, have no fear! I have the best news you'll read all day. If you swap out unhealthy fats with mashed bananas, you'll barely notice the difference in taste and your arteries will be clog-free, yay!

Here are some tips you must be aware of in order to pull this off. Get ready because bananas are about to become your new all time favorite fruits. This guide is essential to know before baking, but bake any recipe that calls for butter with bananas and you'll be feelin' good.

Mash Em' Up

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Tatum Kelly

Make sure to mash the bananas before adding them to your mixture. It's important that the bananas are a similar texture to butter. The more mashed, the better!

Making the Switch

Now, just because it's easy to make the switch doesn't mean bananas can be a measure-for-measure replacement. In order to successfully master these new creations, you have to start out small. At first, work with half the amount of banana that the recipe calls for butter, and if the mixture is too dry, add more bananas to the recipe as you see fit. 

Bananas Are Natural Sugar

It's important to note that bananas are typically sweeter than butter, so you might want to limit the amount of sugar you put in your recipes when adding bananas. But hey — everyone has a sweet tooth, so in this case... proceed with caution.

Bananas Cook Faster Than Butter

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Delissa Handoko

It has been said that using bananas as a substitute for butter can reduce your cooking time by 25% (perfect for a last minute appetizer preparation)! BUT, make sure you're keeping an eye out if you're using an oven to make your baked goods!

Try using bananas next time you want to feel a bit healthier and trust me, your arteries will thank you later.  Also, you can try swapping bananas with other fats, like oil and lard. So say good bye to butter, and hello to bananas. Happy baking!