Mooala has been on the market for a few years but has been the first major company to sell Bananamilk. Yes, Bananamilk. It's a non-dairy alternative that's dairy-free, nut-free and organic, and made from bananas. The company started in Texas in 2012, and Bananmilk appeared in stores in 2016. 

It seems a little out of the box – not that any of the latest non-dairy milks are traditionally in the box – but when a representative reached out and asked if I'd like to try some, I figured I might as well. 

Original Bananamilk is what it says it is. It's a non-dairy milk alternative that's made from bananas. The first ingredient is water, but the second is bananas, and it definitely tastes that way. It's a bit watery and definitely tastes like bananas, but that was expected. 

The nice surprise, however, is that it's flavored with cinnamon. The cinnamon gives it some real flavor and prevents it from just tasting like banana water. It's not bad to drink on its own, and I've had a glass to wash down some cookies. 

The only other ingredients are sunflower seeds, sea salt, and gellan gum. None of those have much flavor, but they do help make it a bit more substantive as a drink. 

This also makes it vegan, but Bananamilk isn't fortified with vitamins and minerals like some other non-dairy milks are. It provides 2% of the daily recommended intake of iron but lacks calcium.

It seems to be the first fruit milk out there.

“It’s turned out to be our best seller,” Mooala founder Jeff Richards told Yahoo Finance. "The banana milk has been absolutely our meeting-getter.”

It has outsold other non-dairy milks that the company sells. 

The flavor of Bananamilk can make it overwhelming to drink just on its own, but it works well in cereal and other foods, especially when it can add in fruit flavor that otherwise is unavailable or out of season. It might not make a great cooking substitute however, and the final product could taste too much like bananas.

The side of the container provides a Bananas Foster smoothie recipe, which seems like a perfect use for the Bananamilk. This way, you get the "milk" and the fruit all in one. It keeps in the fridge for about a week after opening, and won't get mushy like bananas do.

One 48 ounce container retails for about $5, but it isn't available everywhere yet. Mooala also sells Chocolate and Strawberry Bananamilk in addition to almondmilk and coffee creamers. Keep it handy for a smoothie or bowl of cereal.