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Do you ever spot someone eating a banana in class and giggle to yourself, hopefully covertly? This is me, all the time. It just dawned on me that eating bananas in class is an actual crime against humanity. People want to catch you in the act and post you on social media, they want to expose you to the world, and most definitely laugh at you after they capture that perfect snap of your mouth forming a perfect "o" around a banana.

This is quite a shame for all the banana lovers. Bananas are so easy to take with you, making them the perfect class snack, but hello, its a banana. Seriously, you can't be sly about snacking on that banana mid class. You will draw attention to yourself, no doubt. There is no DL banana munchin,' sorry. 

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You know its extremely ironic because people go crazy for bananas in D-Hall, I see people snatch six bananas at a time. Bananas are a highly desired fruit, but when you eat them in public you know you best be careful of the people in your surroundings.

One classmate told me that she would only bite a banana in her Women Gender Studies class, because it was predominantly female. She told me that in her government class, she had to break off the banana piece by piece to avoid the snickers and judgement from her male friends, but breaking off the banana still didn't help much. Eating a banana seems so harmless...

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Another one of my friends in Law School told me about the time that the professor called on one of her classmates the second she took a big ol' bite of banana. She was mortified. Did the professor call on her intentionally? Did he see and seize the perfect opportunity to humiliate one of his students because she was eating a banana? Most speculate and say yes, that of course he called on her as she was mid banana bite, because how could he not? It couldn't have possibly been an accident.

One of my fellow Spoon members told me she was trying to eat a banana as she was walking across Hartman Green, and even knowing there was not a lot of student traffic at the time, she still felt obliged to break off the banana piece by piece, just in case.

Apparently, we all find the act of eating a banana in class or in the public sphere to be absolutely hysterical and pretty uncomfortable. I have never eaten a banana in class and I never will, I like to save my banana eating ventures for private company.