If you are a homemade baker like me, you probably can’t wait for when you're home on breaks to get baking! You spread out all of your baking essentials (from ingredients to utensils) on that big kitchen island, all to bring the goodies back to impress your friends at school. But baking doesn't have to just be saved for when you're home. In fact, it is often much more fun to bake in your own dorm with friends whenever that sugar craving hits.

If you have access to a fridge and an oven in your dorm, having your own little stash of baking necessities will make sure those sweet temptations don't go unfulfilled. Create your own dorm room baking kit to teach your friends that, yes, brownies can be made without a box and cookie dough doesn't always need to have eggs in the recipe to work. 

Here are 12 items you should always have on hand for when that baking kick hits.


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Caty Schnack

Butter usually comes in a box of four sticks, which also means you can typically make two batches of your dessert. Buying a box or two and sticking it in your fridge is always smart, as butter lasts forever and is needed in just about any baked good.


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Parisa Soraya

Although recipes typically call for only two to three eggs, it is better to buy a dozen at a time. Plus, eggs last a few weeks and they make for a great healthy breakfast.

White & Brown Sugar

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Katie Walsh

Sugar is one of the basic ingredients in most baked items. Buying a big bag of granulated sugar will be worthwhile in the long run. If you plan on making cookies, you will need 50/50 white/brown sugar, so make sure to always have both in stock.

#SpoonTip: Cookies can be made with just white sugar, but they will be grainier and not as smooth tasting.


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Abigail Wilkins

Not many baked goods can be made without flour. Again, buying a regular big bag may seem kind of excessive, but trust me, it goes faster than expected and is cheaper in the long run. Store it in a Ziplock or plastic bag to ensure it won't spill everywhere.

Baking Powder & Baking Soda

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Jedd Marrero

These two ingredients may be boring, but they're very important to have in your dorm room baking kit. They are both essential for any recipe that actually has to go in the oven.

Chocolate Chips & Cocoa Powder

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Scott Harrington

If you plan on making items like brownies and chocolate chip cookies, these are necessities. They also make great add-on additions to many desserts. You don't have to go with regular chocolate chips — experiement with semi-sweet, white, dark, toffee, and more. 


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Darya Mack

Vanilla is another basic ingredient to keep in stock. Luckily the bottle is small so it's not hard to fit in your dorm baking kit. Did you know vanilla is in almost every baked good, even if you can't directly taste it?

Cookie Sheet & Brownie Pan

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Gail Rabasca

How sad would it be if you made a delicious recipe but didn't have anything to bake it in? Even though eating the dough is a good option too, a small sheet works for many desserts. The dish can also double as a plate or tray for enjoying the desserts later on.

Mixing Bowl

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lauren feld

Since most dorm rooms are tight on space, buying a big bowl that can serve as both a mixing bowl and an eating bowl can save room and some cash in your wallet. Just make sure the bowl is big enough to hold your batter.

Stirring Spoon

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Parsa Lotfi

You can buy spoons specifically designed for mixing, or use a spoon you usually eat with. Just make sure it is sturdy enough that it won't break in half while mixing thick batter.


MacKenzie Chee

For getting every extra bit of batter into the pan, you'll need a spatula. It also works great for getting the baked cookies off the pan.

Measuring Cup

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Rosaria Rielly

Baking is a science and, unlike cooking, requires specific amounts of ingredients to be added in. To save money, don't buy an expensive set. Find one that doubles as a mixing bowl. (I bought mine at Target.)

Although it may be tempting to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings with store bought sweets, making them from scratch is so much more satisfying! Baking in your dorm is a simple and fun task to do and pass time with your friends. Next time you or your friends make a Target run, pick up these simple ingredients to create your own dorm room baking kit. With this kit, your only struggle will be deciding what to bake.