It’s not every day that a college student’s class project becomes a successful business venture. However, when an innovative idea is paired with a passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneur, it’s almost inevitable that we’ll end up with a fantastic product on our shelves, like Bahamii.

While I’m used to hearing about entrepreneurship success stories in the news or on tv shows, I was surprised to find that one of our very own, Noah Nazarian, has found his own way into the business world. Currently a senior at USC, Noah is CEO of Bahamii, a company dedicated to making snacking both healthy and convenient, while also keeping it exciting.

Amanda (Mandi) Mikasa

Noah came up with the idea for Bahamii Balls—his first product—when he noticed the lack of convenient snack options available for those with diabetes. Inspired by his great grandmother, a diabetic with a love for dates, Noah sought to create a date-based, pre-portioned snack, perfect for those who need a quick boost of nutrients and natural energy. In his business entrepreneurship class at USC Marshall, Noah was able to develop this idea into a full-fledged operation and create Bahamii.

After learning about this product, I was eager to get my hands on some, and I was not disappointed! Bahamii Balls come in packs of two and in three different flavors—chocolate almond, coconut vanilla, and honey cinnamon. One ball is equivalent to a single serving and is made with all organic ingredients, making it a great healthy alternative to your usual snack foods. Not only are Bahamii Balls healthy, but they’re also delicious! My favorite flavor—honey cinnamon—tastes like the ultimate blend of fall spices with the added flavor that Bahamii’s signature dates provide. Because of their small size and crush resistant packaging, Bahamii Balls were the perfect food to carry with me and snack on throughout the day. Overall, I couldn’t think of a better snack option if you’re looking for something healthy, flavorful, and convenient.

I quickly found that I’m not the only one who thinks so, seeing that Bahamii Balls are currently sold out in every flavor! This can partially be attributed to Bahamii’s partnerships with different organizations, such as the USC Athletics Department and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, who are trying to provide their members with great quality, tasty snacks. Bahamii’s mission to provide a healthy, pre-portioned snack for diabetics helped the company create a snack that is ideal for many groups, including athletes, children, and anyone looking for something to eat on the go.

After speaking about his journey in creating Bahamii, Noah offered three pieces of advice for anyone looking to start a business or find success in their own line of work.

First, Noah emphasized the importance of seizing an opportunity when you have the chance to. “Timing is everything.” Noah stressed, “You could have the best idea in the world, but if you wait too long to make it a reality, the opportunity could be gone. Missed opportunity is the biggest obstacle to success.”

Second, Noah offered some advice for when you get stuck. He explained that the best course of action you can take when you’re in a rut is to just “dive in and learn on the way. Conduct research and continue conducting research until you’re inspired by what you’ve learned.” Then, use that inspiration to help guide you.

Lastly, Noah shared that teamwork may be the best way to meet your own personal goals. “Don’t try to do everything yourself, you won’t be able to, or you won’t do as good of a job. Instead, surround yourself with people that have skills complementary to your own.”

Though currently sold out, Bahamii has big plans for the future, as they plan to expand nationwide with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and broaden their production capabilities to meet the demand for their largely desired product.

Whether you’re looking for an entrepreneurial success story or your next go-to snack, look no further because Bahamii has made it.