Brunch drinking is sneakiest of them all—we hide our Champagne in fancy cups of OJ, and throw a celery stick in a glass of vodka-soaked tomato juice to make it seem like we’re being healthy. A new era of morning drinking is among us because alcoholic cold brew coffee will be on your brunch table in a quick minute.

History in the Making

Caffeine and alcohol: most people use at least one of these things to get through the day, and “Bad Larry’s Cold, Hard Cold Brew” is bringing a combo of both to stores this May, according to Time. It will be the first alcoholic coffee beverage to be commercially sold — a historic moment for coffee and booze lovers everywhere.

Heavyweights Only 

A can of Bad Larry’s alcoholic cold brew is not for the lightweight drinker—it contains as much alcohol as your average can of beer, and has double the caffeine of your average cup of Joe.

The cold brew will be featured in a cool retro soda can, which is easy for on the go sipping—or chugging. So, you can shotgun a can of coffee during tailgate season, or simply start your day with a boozy morning pick-me-up.

Canned Coffee? Really?

I know what you’re thinking and there’s no way canned coffee can be good. However, according to Time magazine, Bad Larry’s will be locally sourcing their cold brew from Black Eye Roasting Co., combining it with malt liquor for that signature buzz factor.

This new brand of “hard” cold brew is fun, fresh and even has all the top-notch qualities of a good cup coffee. Just in case any of you coffee snobs had doubts.

So whether you’re trying to get lit on the way to work or cracking open a few cold brews before a night out, this cool new invention is for sure a game changer—no sugar or cream needed.