Dining hall food can be an absolute snooze sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be! As you return to campus either IRL or virtual this semester, don’t forget to stock up your pantry and mini fridge with these Spoon-approved faves.

Hydrant Hydrate Variety Pack

Gatorade and other electrolyte beverages can take up a lot of room whereas Hydrant’s electrolyte drink mixes are easily storable. They’re great after a workout or a long day out. This variety pack features three delicious flavors: lime, blood orange, and grapefruit. The best part? There are no artificial sweeteners or stevia for those who are aftertaste-averse.

Xilli Salsa Macha

If you’re a fan of Lao Gan Ma and other chili crisp sauces, let me introduce you to their Mexican cousin: salsa macha (which translates to “strong sauce”). Salsa macha is usually made with peanuts and dried peppers — and Xilli’s sauce is world class. Because it’s more of a smoky oil with serious crunch, it’s great for roasting veggies or on top of fried eggs. 

Snow Days Grain-Free Pizza Bites

Gone are the days of sad, frozen pizza bites. Snow Days has mastered the art of the pizza bite with grass-fed ingredients, so you know that you’re supporting agriculture that’s better for the environment. The sweet, earthy, fluffy texture of the crust comes from the cassava that rounds out the top-notch filling ingredients. Cheese or veggie white pizza, there’s no going back

Recess Mood Sparkling Waters

You might know Recess from their soothing CBD drinks and iconic branding, but the soda company has something new up their sleeve: Recess Mood. This beverage contains no CBD, but is loaded with adaptogens that are invigorating and calming (weird, I know!). The flavors are also so fun: strawberry rose, peach ginger, blood orange, and black cherry.

Marco Colzani Pistachio Spread

The natural Nutella upgrade is this delicious pistachio spread straight from Sicily. Spread it on a croissant, and you’ll see what I mean; it’s creamy and light without being too sweet or overbearing. And it’s vegan!

Oatly Frozen Dessert

The creators of everyone’s (current) favorite milk alternative now bring you ice cream! No need to worry about a bad stomach ache after a movie-and-ice-cream night for those of us who are lactose intolerant. There’s a flavor for everyone: plain oat, coffee, strawberry, chocolate, chocolate chip, salted caramel, fudge brownie, raspberry swirl, vanilla, and mint chip.

Tabasco Cayenne Garlic Hot Sauce

Because of its mild and smoky nature, this is a hot sauce that anyone could handle — which is perfect for late night, post-orientation hangs when you’re not exactly sure what people’s spice levels are. (Pro tip: put it on your mac n’ cheese. You won’t regret it.) 

Happy snacking!