He may be a famous foodie, but you can't call him by that name. Aziz Ansari hates the word "foodie." 

We know he loves to eat. Even his alter ego does — the last time we saw Ansari’s character in the Netflix series "Master of None," he was leaving New York after a breakup, hoping to study pasta-making in Italy. So why does this hilarious food lover, hate the word foodie?

In Vogue's "73 Questions with Aziz Ansari," the comedian expresses his feelings on everything from writing comedy and celebrities to music, and of course, food. 

When asked, "What's a food trend that you hate?" Aziz responds, "The word ‘foodie.’ Stop it! People that like food shouldn’t get this weird fetish-y sounding thing. Call the people that don’t care what they eat ‘food bozos.’”

Does Everyone Hate the Word?

Personally, I never really minded the word "foodie," although I don't think I've ever said it out loud. I thought "foodie" just referred to people who really loved food.

But taking a quick look across the internet proves that Ansari isn't alone in his hatred. Some believe that "foodie" has become a marketing weapon, that everyone is essentially a foodie, and that it sounds demeaning.

Others say they can't think of an alternative name, and a writer at The Harvard Crimson defends the word, for all of its potential, stating that "for foodies, challenging traditional ideas and fostering individual creativity are at the forefront of their movement."

Still, we know Ansari loves food.

Beyond making me question the word "foodie," in the interview, Ansari says he wants to "learn how to cook everything," proves he can recite “I’m hungry” in six different languages (Spanish, French, Japanese, English, Tamil and Italian), reveals the most delicious place in the world is Tokyo and admits that he's a sucker for Chick-Fil-A (aren't we all?).  

Foodie or not, food is always right.

While I'm still not too opposed to the word "foodie," I understand where Ansari and the others are coming from. I do think I have a new appreciation for Ansari, however. Beyond his desire to learn and speak in multiple languages, he reveals that Amy Poeher's kids call him "Turkey Sandwich." Rather than foodie, I could possibly get behind being called straight up a sandwich.