I'm someone who lives a pretty on-the-go lifestyle. That being said, the epidemic of being able to stay hydrated, energized, and up-to date-with priorities is not unfamiliar to me. This is where caffeinated waters can come into the spotlight, considering they are exactly what they sound like: water, to help with hydration, infused with caffeine, to assist with keeping one energized and therefore able to get their work done. The main issue, however, is choosing the right brand. 

Ditching The Coffee

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Sara Carte

When I came across caffeinated waters in one of the cafes in a university library, I decided to try it out. To my surprise, they were just as effective as a morning cup of coffee. But still, I felt deprived of the sweetness that I was used to. However, once I found Avitae, it proved to be exactly what I needed to satisfy my daily fix.

What is Avitae?

Avitae is purified water with natural caffeine derived from green coffee beans. It's free of sugars and calories (that's right: ZERO sugars and ZERO calories), and I guarantee you can pronounce everything on the ingredients list with ease. There are no artificial components like those found in soda, processed energy drinks, and coffee products.

Avitae sells both flat and sparkling flavored waters, and all of them contain 90mg of natural caffeine—as much as a cup of coffee. The waters came in a wide range of flavors. They even offer three unflavored and non-carbonated waters that vary in their levels of caffeine: the 45mg Energy Kick, the 90mg Energy Boost, and the 125mg Energy Blast, for those of you who are #alwaysonthegrind.

My Avitae Experience

Shayna Valianos

I decided to try the Sparkling Mandarin Passion Fruit, the Sparkling Raspberry Lime, and the (flat) Blackberry Avitae flavors. 

Ultimately, I would say the sparkling flavors were essentially LaCroix's caffeinated cousin, and the non-sparkling flavors reminded me a lot of Hint, except with an added bonus of the caffeine boost. So if you're a fan of either one of those popular drinks, I can make a pretty good inference that you'll like Avitae just as much... And maybe even more.

Drinking Avitae definitely kept me from dozing off head-first into my textbook. A friend of mine who also tried Avitae even admitted to drinking it later at night and ended up staying wide awake until about 4am. How's that for an energy booster?

Where Can I Buy Some?

Shayna Valianos

Thinking about trying Avitae for yourself just in time for finals? Their website offers a store finder that conveniently gives all the locations of the nearest sellers. They are also sold online through Amazon, which offers *free shipping*. Or, order it directly from their website where they have the lay down of every product they offer. 

#SpoonTip: For those of you who decide to order from the Avitae website within the next week, you can enter my personal promo code, "STUDY30 ", when checking out to get a 30% off discount! (Offer valid from 4/26/18 to 5/3/18).

In the midst of finals season, instead of having to wait in an out-the-door Starbucks line or running out of clean coffee mugs, grab one of these waters and you'll be fully charged faster than you can say "Avitae".