The end is here, but you might as well enjoy it. In preparation for your End Game premiere, we put together a little guide of some of The Avengers characters as foods, so you know just what to eat while you watch.  

Iron Man- Caviar

Caviar is good for when you wanna feel boujee but also just a bit better than everyone else. Iron Man always comes out on top, like Caviar on a cracker.

Captain America- Apple Pie

Apple pie is a good ole American favorite, just like Cap himself. Both of these delicious snacks (Chris Evans with his shirt off, *sigh*😍) represent the land of the free and home of the brave. 

Black Widow- Shrimp Cocktail

Black Widow is like a shrimp cocktail at a black tie event. Elegant and serious, but with a kick. 

Hulk- Spinach

Mom always told us that the best way to grow big and strong is to eat our greens. Don't eat too much though, or you could end up like the big guy.

Thor- Steak

Not just a snack, but the whole damn meal. Just like steak, Thor is big, beefy, and always there for the main event.

Hawkeye- Double Cheeseburger

Hawkeye might be badass, but he doubles as a sweet husband and father. We can just imagine him grilling up some burgers when he's off the clock.

Captain Marvel- Coffee

Energy flows through you after your morning cup of joe, similar to how energy flows through Captain Marvel's body when she fights for what's right. 

Ant-man- Silver Dollar Pancakes

Silver dollars are small but pack a lot of flavor into just one bite. Ant-Man, also small but powerful, is the goofy, irresponsible dad we all wish we had. 

Black Panther- Lamb Chops

Rooted in tradition, and fit for a king, lamb chops are the backbone of a fancy meal. Black Panther acts similarly towards Wakanda, as their protector and their king. 

Spiderman- Chicken Fingers and Fries

Spidey is still just a kid, navigating the ins an outs of being the friendly neighborhood hero that he started out as. When the going gets tough, comfort food like chicken fries can always cheer up a scared little kid.   

Star-Lord- Whoopie Pies

Whoopie pies are an out of this world treat that comfort us in our worst moods. Star-Lord does this same thing while rocking out to a dope playlist (bonus points for that).

Dr. Strange- Soup Dumplings

Ancient Asian techniques are how Dr. Strange got his powers. Much like soup dumplings, no one really knows the magic that comes from within.

Scarlet Witch- Hot Cheetos

Hot cheetos leave a firey dust on your hands, which unfortunately doesn't have the same fire power as Scarlet Witch's hands. However, they do both pack a good amount of heat into such a small package. 

Vision- Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is good for the soul and the mind. Vision's mind stone gives him the power to stay centered and in touch with his inner peace in times of havoc. 

Loki- Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Probably the most deceiving cookie out there. The amount of times we've reached for one thinking it was a chocolate chip matches the amount of times Loki has backstabbed Thor. Though originally disappointing, Loki ends up proving himself to be pretty sweet.

Falcon- Chicken Wings

Falcon wouldn't be where he is today without his wings. He can be sweet or spicy given whatever circumstances and is a comforting presence, just like a big plate of chicken wings.

War Machine- Custard

War machine is the middle man between rational government work and irrational superhero work. While he's firm when needed, he's also sweet and loyal to his best buddy, Iron Man. Custard is also sweet, and fills the middle of otherwise lame pastries.

Nick Fury- The Recipe

Fury is the ring leader and always guides the Avengers in the right direction. Much like a recipe, things will go to sh*t if you don't follow him. 

Bonus: Thanos- Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. While it may not be the perfect balance that Thanos is looking for, it will probably satisfy a different craving.