Florence is one of the most singular and precious towns in Italy. It is full of history, art, traditions, nightlife, and marvelous natural sceneries. There is also a lot of good food.

Florentine cooking is, for the most part, made of red meat and legumes, like white beans. However, there are some dishes cooked entirely with vegetables such as la panzanella, la ribollita, and la pappa al pomodoro.

La Pappa al Pomodoro

Giulia Baldini

An authentic dish from Tuscany, pappa al pomodoro is a thick soup made with bread, tomato, and basil. For a tasty pappa al pomodoro, it is necessary to have the right ingredients, even though they can be a little hard to find outside their geographical region. 

The Ingredients

Giulia Baldini

Stale Tuscan bread

Contrary to most kinds of bread in the peninsula, the Tuscan bread is prepared with no added salt. This is because of the presence of other salty foods usually served with the bread, such as bruschetta or fettunta.

Tomato puree or ripe tomatoes sauce

A fine tomato sauce is made from a specific kind of tomatoes. Italians usually use the San Marzano type, because they are juicier and easier to peel and smash.

Tuscan extra virgin olive oil

Oil is essential in any Tuscan dish. Tuscany has one of the finest and most peculiar oils: the extra virgin olive oil. The Tuscan kind is slightly spicy, especially when it has been released from its production. This specific type of extra virgin olive oil is called olio novo.

Basil, garlic, ground black pepper

Basil and garlic are there to give more taste and color to the dish. The ground black pepper adds another layer of flavor but it is not necessary.

The Resturants

Giulia Baldini

Florence has a broad choice of restaurants, cafès, and bars where they serve high-quality pappa al pomodoro. Below are the places that I enjoy most and highly recommend. Everything on their menu is genuine Tuscan and Florentine food.

Ristorante del Fagioli

If you crave genuine Florentine food, the ladies and gentes at Del Fagioli are the best to satisfy your appetite. With a standard and simple menu, this cozy and familiar place is one of the best sites to go and enjoy a memorable meal

Trattoria 4 Leoni

Located next to Santo Spirito, this restaurant provides a menu with many choices. It's less historical and vintage than the first suggestion but the service and food are equally excellent.

Al Tranvai

This very tiny place is a typical Tuscan osteria. Situated in the neighborhood of Santo Spirito, this restaurant has a limited menu, but whatever dish you ask for will leave you fully satisfied.