You're about to add an artificial sweetener to your coffee and you're looking for the yellow packet of Splenda. Unfortunately, the coffee shop is all out, so what now? Do you go for the pink Sweet 'N Low or the white regular sugar? Does it matter? Ugh, this is taking too long. Pick one.

It can get confusing to remember what all of the colored artificial sweeteners and sugar packets represent. Is Splenda the bad one or is Sweet 'N Low? And what's this blue packet of sugar? We're here to set the packets straight and help you remember what each one offers. 

Pink: Sweet 'N Low


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Sweet level: 300 times sweeter than sugar

Calories: 4 per packet 

What You Need to Know: Sweet 'N Low has a bad rep. A study came out that showed it was associated with cancer. And then then the National Cancer Institute said it's not. Consume in moderation to be on the safe side. 

Yellow: Splenda


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Sweet level: 600 times sweeter than sugar

Calories: 0 per packet

What You Need to Know: May cause gas, bloating or diarrhea. Be careful who you're around when you consume this stuff — could get smelly. 

White: Table Sugar

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Calories: 15 per packet

What You Need to Know: Sugar does weird shit to your body and your brain. It's converted to fat more easily than artificial sweeteners, and it might also be ruining your memory

Blue: Equal

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Sweet level: 200 times sweeter than sugar

Calories: 4 per packet

What You Need to Know: It's safe to consume in small amounts, contrary to popular belief. But some people do experience headache, dizziness, and migraines after using this sweetener.