Healthy eating can be a challenge, especially for someone like me who loves anything sweet. Ice cream, in particular, is one of those things that I can never get enough of. Luckily for us, there is a way to eat ice cream without the guilt that it always seems to ensue: Arctic Zero's new line of high protein, low calorie ice cream. Yes, you read that right, healthy ice cream.

Not only does Arctic Zero's line come in seven unique and delcious flavors, but each pint (yes, I said pint), has 360 calories or less. A standard pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream has over 1,000 calories per pint, for reference. The flavors are all amazing, and unlike other brands of protein ice cream, Arctic Zero's line has a great, creamy texture that will make you forget that you aren't cheating on your diet. Here is my unofficial ranking of each of Arctic Zero's ice cream flavors.

7. Toffee Crunch

While I did love the smooth texture of the ice cream, along with the abundance of gooey toffee swirls, there was just something slightly chemically-tasting about this flavor. This flavor was the only one to also leave a weird aftertaste, but it could have just been me. Nevertheless, if you are a toffee or caramel person, be sure to get your hands on this flavor. 

6. Chocolate Chunk

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! This flavor is chocolate heaven, with its rich and creamy base, and the plethora of chocolate chunks scattered throughout the pint. While I am definitely more of a vanilla ice cream person, this flavor sure did impress me, and if you love chocolate, you absolutely need this in your life.

5. Mint Chocolate and Cookies

It actually makes me sad that I have to put this flavor all the way at #5 on my list, because it is honestly so good. The cool minty flavor pairs so well with the chocolate cookies and chocolate chunks packed in this pint. Even if you aren't a huge mint fan, try this flavor and you might just be converted. My only wish was that there were more cookie chunks, but it was still so delicious.

4. Vanilla Bean

So quick story: I saw someone review this flavor on Instagram, saying that it was the best vanilla ice cream that they had ever had, protein ice cream or not. And honestly, I was skeptical. However, after tasting this pint, I was amazed at how good it truly was. The texture was perfect and the vanilla bean flavor was spot on. You can even see the tiny specks of vanilla bean, which makes the flavor that much better. Ringing in at only 280 calories for this whole pint, it is beyond worth it to stock up on.

3. Cookie and Brownie Dough

Cookie dough is one of my all time favorite ice cream flavors, and I honestly didn't think it could get that much better...but then it did (with the addition of brownie dough, of course). This flavor is so good, with the luscious vanilla ice cream, along with lots of small pieces of cookie and brownie dough. The mix-ins add the chewy texture that we all know and love but without the guilt. Arctic Zero really knocked it out of the park with this flavor.

2. Peanut Butter and Cookies

When I first read the name of this flavor, I thought I was dreaming. Peanut butter is my favorite food, and who can resist a good chocolate cookie? The base of this pint is a rich and flavorful peanut butter ice cream, but the addition of chocolate cookies takes this flavor over the top. It is truly mind blowing that this pint is only 360 calories because it is just so good.

1. Cookies and Cream

You really can't beat a classic, right? Arctic Zero manages to pull this flavor off so well that it beat out all of the the other amazing flavors. The vanilla base is so creamy and tasty, that when you add in lots of chocolate cookie pieces, it takes it to a whole new level. If you are a true cookies and cream lover, you will fall in love with this flavor.

While so many ice cream companies are now adding low-calorie ice creams to their product lines, Arctic Zero's new line is honestly one of the best. For one thing, Arctic Zero's flavors contain no sugar alcohols, unlike other "healthy ice creams". 

Each flavor is unique and delicious in its own way.

You can purchase Arctic Zero off of Amazon, or use their store locator to find where Arctic Zero products are sold near you. If you are trying to eat healthier,or just love ice cream as much as I do, try out these new pints and see for yourself what you have been missing.