Whether it's a world-class steak at Moishes (the 6th best steakhouse in the world) or a famous smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz's, Jewish cuisine has always been huge part of Montreal's culture. For years the selection of Jewish restaurants in Montreal has remained unchanged, until now with the addition of Arthur's Nosh Bar. 

Located in the heart of St-Henri, Arthur's redefines the traditional Jewish diner with it's modern and unique decor. Arthur's menu features classic Jewish dishes like fresh sandwiches on challah bread, potato latkes and best pierogis I've ever had (the only pierogi I've ever had). Arthur's takes simple Jewish-European dishes and elevates them by adding their own unique twist. Their homemade pierogi are a perfect example. 

meat, sauce, vegetable, pork, fish, cheese
Sam Hecht

Imagine a sweet and savoury breakfast dumpling. If you love breakfast and love dumplings, then you HAVE to try their pierogis (these are now one of my favourite foods after having experienced them at Arthur's). Warm dough filled with sweet cheese topped with caramelized onions — enough said. Seriously, go try their pierogis. 

chicken, salad
Sam Hecht

The way they elevate traditional dishes doesn't just stop with their pierogis. Arthur's is the first restaurant I've been to where they top their salads with bagel chips instead of croutons, adding character to a relatively simple salad. 

Arthur's also serves more traditional and classic Jewish dishes too, like a bagel locks & cream cheese sandwich. I admired how a classic dish like this staple of Montreal-Jewish cuisine was not changed for the sake of trying to be cool and trendy. They serve this timeless sandwich just the way it's meant to be eaten.

sandwich, bread, bagel, cheese, tomato, lox, salmon, bun
Sam Hecht

Before I made my way down to Arthur's, I knew there was a lot of hype surrounding it. This was the restaurant everyone was always talking about, particularly since people were having a hard time being seated since it's always so busy. With all this hype,(according to Eater Montreal, Arthur's is Montreal's hottest restaurant) I had to go find out for myself what everyone was raving about.

So, should you make the trip to St-Henri for a fresh new taste of Jewish cuisine? YES! Aside from the fact that the restaurant's decor is so aesthetically pleasing and photogenic, the food is really, really good (this definitely explains why the line is always out the door). In the next few years, I can see Arthur's becoming the new staple Jewish lunch/brunch restaurant in Montreal (hey Beauty's, watch out.)