Behold, the most charming chef extraordinaire on campus, whose presence as a sandwich and wrap connoisseur warms the hearts and stomachs of students and faculty alike. His grin and friendly conversation never fails to alleviate the tension of the slow-moving line in the famed Holmes Lounge. At the beginning of every hour you’ll find him preparing meat for your carvery wrap, or at off-times, nestled in the window’s alcove, eager to ask about the lives of waiting students. It’s time to reveal the story behind the man, the myth, the legend, the face of Holmes Lounge: Arthur.

Arthur, the Holmes Homie

Photo by Raissa Xie

How did you get involved in your field of culinary expertise? 
Oh, I’ve always been cooking. It mostly started when I worked at a taco joint when I was seventeen. I was a little burnt out after a while though. There are only so many tacos a man can take.

I’ve heard from most that one can never have too many tacos.
They haven’t worked in the food industry.

What brought you to working for food services at WashU?
I visited my aunt as she was working in Holmes Lounge 16 years ago and was offered a job on the spot.

Why do you think that was?
My killer smile.

What has been your favorite memory since working at WashU?
As much as I’ve loved the wraps over the years, I love you students more.

Do you pick favorites?
I’ll keep everyone on an equal playing field, aside from you, obviously.

You are a wise man. What’s the best part of your day? Working in Holmes Lounge?
Like the students here, I enjoy staying occupied and being surrounded by beautiful people.

What do you eat on your carvery wrap?
Steak! You’ve got to love the meat. All veggies, but no olives. The hookup sauce with a little bit of barbecue and garlic. That’s the key.

Who is the mastermind behind the hookup sauce?
Rob gets all the credit. I can’t steal his thunder.

What changes would you like to see in your time working at WashU? A new and improved sauce, perhaps?
There’s always room for more sauce. Ideally, I’d like to see some expansion for a less crowded waiting area. Now that I think of it, this area will be remodeled over the summer.

And I thought Holmes Lounge couldn’t get any better. In your opinion, how do students benefit by coming here daily rather than elsewhere on campus?
We’re fun people! We keep everybody happy. That being said, I have friends all over campus. I get along with everybody, not just the Holmes crew.

That you do!  How do the punch cards work?
For every 10 punches, students earn a free shirt, featuring yours truly.

Can we expect some new prizes, for those who have already rightfully earned their shirts?
You ask all the right questions. Perhaps we could give away some of our hairnet-like bonnets. Who doesn’t want to wear those?

Do you have any secret talents?
Oh, I can dance. Have you ever seen a Chicagoan step dance? You can find me dancing on the weekends with my family and my friends. I have no shame in showing off.

What music would you play overhead if you had the choice?
I’m all about pleasing the audience. If it were only up to me though, I could go for R. Kelly, Kanye, and maybe some Beyoncé.

You wouldn’t be the only one. Is there anything else you’d like to tell WashU students that they don’t already know?
Keep your heads up, and stop stressin’!

Arthur, the Holmes Homie

Photo by Raissa Xie