Everyone loves Arsaga’s partly because of the decadent crepes. My weekend outings to Arsaga’s sparked me to ask the question, if Arsaga’s crepes were friends, who would be which crepe? So, I’m here to tell you!

The friend who always posts coffee pictures: The Buzz

This friend is The Buzz crepe because of their unhealthy obsession with coffee and everything involving coffee. This crepe has an espresso sauce, hazelnut cream, and a crushed cookie topping, which is similar to the shot of espresso with hazelnut cream and biscotti your friend probably orders. This friend is perky and artsy, and you’re happy to invite her to Arsaga’s with you as long as you’re not forced to be in her snapchat stories.

The friend who doesn’t gain weight: The Nutella Crepe

This is the skinny friend that shovels loads of food down her throat and never gains weight. She has no clue why she’s not 200 pounds since sugar is included in every meal. She is the Nutella crepe because her main food groups are chocolate, powdered sugar, and whipped cream. This friend is always down for dessert.

The friend who is the substitute for your mom: The Very Best

She’s sweet, naturally kind, and just plain makes you happy. Like the sweet sauce on the outside of the crepe and filling of sweet potatoes on the inside, she encourages you with kind words and compassion that make you feel full of happiness. This friend is usually positive, and she sees the best in everyone.

The eclectic friend: The Pommes and Porc Crepe

This friend is out of the box, and you’re never sure what she’s going to say. Like the strange combination of bacon, granny smith apples, and brie cheese, this friend has a few outside-the-norm characteristics. She probably has no filter, sends you bizarre articles from weird websites, and likes to have adventures with random people. You may find yourself asking her, where in the world did you come up with that?!

The classy friend: The Preserves Crepe

This friend is simple but stylish. Like strawberry and blueberry jelly, she has a timeless style that can be revamped as trends change. Chocolate ganache is added to the Preserves Crepe for an extra chocolatey kick, and similarly this friend has a little bit of sass. You always want this friend on your side because she always gets her way.


Photo by Lauren Dunn. Top pictured crepe: The Pommes and Porc. Bottom pictured crepe: The Nutella