Caffeine is a beautiful, beautiful thing. It can help you do things you never thought you could, like cram for an exam or write an entire paper in one night. So thank you, caffeine, for those countless all-nighters we never thought we could do, and for getting us out of bed in the morning. We all find our fix of this wondrous creation in different ways, especially when it comes to Argo Tea, so this is for all you tea-lovers out there. 

The friendly person who almost seems too friendly to be real: Chai Teapuccino

coffee, cappuccino, milk, mocha, espresso
Ilsa Saeed

Just like this beverage, you are warm and inviting. The vanilla flavor shows your sweetness and the swirling flavors of cardamom and cinnamon mean that you have just the right amount of spice. The hint of ginger reveal your refreshing personality.

That one person who does all their homework the night it was assigned: Carolina Honey

coffee, chocolate, mocha, espresso
Ilsa Saeed

The black tea aspect of this drink means you are motivated, always on the move, and ready to try new things. The wildflower honey shows that you’re definitely a smooth talker with a little bit of a wild side.

The fierce person we're all low-key (high-key) intimidated by: MojiTea

coffee, tea, espresso
Ilsa Saeed

You are honest and aren’t afraid to make your opinion heard, as shown by the mint lime juice in this energizing drink. You may come off as a blunt person to most people, but the hint of pure cane sugar shows that you have a compassionate side not many people see.

The person who believes that plants have souls: Green Tea Raspberry Bubble Tea

coffee, chocolate, cream, ice
Ilsa Saeed

You love to seek out adventure and admire the simple, real things in life. The raspberries mean you have a fresh point of view and a little bit of a kick. The vegan and gluten-free coconut pearls are like you—genuine and trustworthy. 

These are all beverages available at Argo Tea Cafe. If you're not a tea person, they also offer coffee, bakery items, sandwiches, and so much more! Whether you're more into fruity teas or cold brew coffee, Argo Tea's got you covered, so go check it out.