I'll admit, I'm guilty-as-charged when it comes to overdoing it on caffeine. I always joke that I'm the resident coffee-snob of my friend group, and not a day goes by when I haven't downed at least three or four cups of joe (and if I haven't, it's a very bad day indeed). I even work for a coffee start-up, so the stuff is basically in my blood. Still, I have to wonder, am I drinking too much caffeine? 

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Carter Roland

Naturally, I scoff at the above suggestion and whenever anybody mentions the physiological effects of caffeine on the body. My liquid security blanket can't be problematic, right? Turns out, the jury is pretty much out on the subject — caffeine is no longer thought of as the harmful stimulant some have tried to claim in the past. In fact, it's probably good for you, in moderation. 

Yay, stimulants! 

Still, as I prepare to up my coffee penchant even more to prepare for the long, sleepless nights of #finalsweek, I thought it might be helpful to quickly run through exactly how slamming back cup after cup of java affects the body. Luckily, I found this nifty little infographic from Men's Health Magazine that gives an awesome rundown on the subject — screenshot that!

So, what is my coffee actually doing to me?

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Photo courtesy of Men's Health

So, drinking caffeine can help you burn more calories (yay!), might make you jittery (boo!), and might send you running to the toilet sooner than you expected (poo!). 

Too long, didn't read: while too much caffeine may give you the jitters, it has so many other effects on the body, some of which can be really beneficial if you're running on fumes and stuck at a desk in the library. 

I'm going to go get a coffee now.