Personally, I've never been a deer meat eater. Hunting season means nothing to me besides hearing my mom talk about how she's going to run past my cousin's deer-watching camera with some Christmas antlers on. And I'm still waiting for video proof of this. But this year, Arby's is appropriately celebrating this year's hunting season with a limited-release of a Venison Sandwich.

For one day only, on Oct. 21, Arby's will be bringing it's Venison Sandwich to every store in the US. But line up early, because it's only while supplies last and they're expected to go quick.

The Venison Sandwich is made with a thick and juicy venison steak that's been marinated in garlic, salt and pepper, and cooked for three long hours. Then, it's topped with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce.

Last fall, Arby's debuted it's first deer meat sandwich and the crowd went wild! No, seriously, it sold out in mere hours. 

“The positive response to our limited offering of venison last year was so widespread and passionate that we knew we had to find a way to offer it nationwide,” Jim Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer of Arby’s, said in a press release. 

If game-meats are kinda your thing, Arby's also announced a limited edition Elk Sandwich, available Oct. 21 in three restaurants in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. The Elk Sandwich is made with an elk steak, topped with crispy onions and a blackberry port steak sauce. 

Basically, Arby's is "bringing the meats" this fall, and if you want to get in on it, mark your calendars now.