As far as misleading names go, Spoon University is a fair competitor for at least bronze. The name suggests that either there is a university located in a town with the misfortune of being coined Spoon, or there is an academic institution that specializes in all that relates to spoons.

Fortunately, Spoon University is neither.

About Spoon University


Spoon University is a large—and still growing—network of universities across the globe participating in a united effort toward providing food-related content to students both locally and nationally. The content covers a multitude of topics, from recipes to restaurant reviews to factual lists, and behind each piece of work lies a team of dedicated writers, photographers, editors, and marketers. Guelph is proud to be one of the first few Canadian universities, among which also include McGill and Queen’s, to join the Spoon team. Consequently, we are still a relatively fresh club in the scope of things at our university.

Guelph’s Chapter Accomplishments

spoon guelph

Photo by Stephanie Wong

Established in the early winter months of 2015, Spoon Guelph has been busy arranging events and churning out content for the student body. For those curious about the existing articles we have to our name, we have content like our on-going campus eateries series (PJs Atrium, Mountain Hall, Bull Ring, and a bonus Mongolian Grill 101), a piece on a famous name in the food industry, a beginner’s guide to complementary foods for different beer, and a review of several restaurants to take your special someone to. Reception to our work has been very positive. An overwhelming 70,000+ views have been collected between all our fifty-odd articles, with one immensely successful article breaking down the Toronto Christmas Market placing first with 10,000+ views on its own.

Activity on Campus


Drop by the UC this Thursday from 8:30-10:30 for FREE BREAKFAST!! ? ?: A photo posted by Spoon University Guelph (@spoon_guelph) on Dec 1, 2015 at 8:17am PST

Guelph’s team has also run a few school-wide events, notably a cupcake-decorating contest in partnership with Decadently Yours, and we are known to give out free meals every so often – be sure to follow up with us monthly to see what events we’re cooking up. Even as you read, the exec team is brainstorming and communicating with appropriate parties to bring more events to the student body.

Applications for Spoon Guelph


With more activity from Spoon comes the need for more manpower. That’s right, Spoon Guelph is recruiting members to join our team. To apply, click here for the application.

To learn more from some of our team members, come check us out in the UC on January 21st and 22nd during Clubs Day. We promise a cookie to each and every one of you that drop by.

Although there are loose titles in the team, members are free to dabble in the different responsibilities in the team. Members can be all about photography one week and then switch gears to the writing side of things the next; your contributions are entirely dependent on what you want to do.

You can also connect with us by following us on Instagram (spoon_guelph), twitter, or wander around the Guelph website every so often to get the latest food info on campus. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Lastly, congratulations are in order for reading all the way to the bottom of this article. Now the next step: go apply for the team. Remember, application deadline is January 31st!