Applebee's monthly drink specials have come to be expected, maybe more so than your drunk BFF shouting, "Let's take shots!" during final call. Next month, they're releasing $2 Dos Equis beers, and keeping the Dollarita around through Cinco de Mayo. 

The Dollarita (a $1 margarita) is Applebee's true OG, and this past month, it made an epic comeback. But there was one problem: The $1 margarita promotion ended just before Cinco de Mayo, aka when everybody has margs on their mind. Applebee's recently realized this (thank goodness) and now, Dollaritas are here to stay for a little while longer. 

Photo courtesy of Dos Equis via Instagram

But next up for Applebee's monthly drink special is $2 Dos Equis beer, which Applebee's is referring to as 2 Dollar Dos XX. Not as clever as Dollarita, but OK. It's the second time the chain has included beer as a drink special, as opposed to a mixed drink. They served $2 Blue Moon in January. 

According to Food and Wine, the 2 Dollar Dos XX promo will run for the month of May starting May 1. So yes, that does mean Applebees will be serving two Mexican-themed drink specials on Cinco de Mayo. 

Applebee's has always prided itself on being a neighborhood gathering spot. Pair these two drink specials with their late night half-priced apps and it sounds like that spot is going to be pretty lit this May.