If you’re looking for an app that counts alcohol calories, Get Drunk Not Fat is a good choice. Hell, even if you aren’t into counting calories, the app can be  informative. I was shocked to find out that the amount of alcohol I consume on an average Friday or Saturday night (several shots, plus a mixed drink or two) adds up to over 1000 calories. Still, you should probably check out the pros and cons of the app before you decide if you want to buy it:

Reasons You Should Buy Get Drunk Not Fat:
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1. With over 200 choices, their beer list is pretty extensive. If you want to make sure they have info on the beer you like before you buy the app, go to their website, where you can search to make sure the info is there.

2. The “Not Broke” tab rates the alcohols by cost, which is nice on a college student budget. The down side is it’s just a list of every alcohol in the database from least to most expensive, so it’s a bit daunting. You can narrow the list by searching for a certain type of alcohol (i.e. “beer”), but the list can still be long depending on your search term (if “beer” was your search, you’d still have a list of over 200 beers).

3. Get Drunk Not Fat has nutrition facts and cost info for every alcohol in the app.

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4. The “Cal Watch” tab is great if you want to count alcohol calories when going out. You just put what and how much you’re drinking throughout the nigh and the app calculates how many calories you’ve consumed. The app even has (approximate) caloric info for some popular mixed drinks, like a rum and coke.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Get Drunk Not Fat:

1. You might find the name “Get Drunk Not Fat”at least mildly offensive.

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2. Even though the “Cal Watch” tab is pretty cool, the app doesn’t have a tab that monitors your BAC when out drinking. To me, monitoring BAC is more important than counting calories, so I was disappointed that it isn’t part of the app.

3. Get Drunk Not Fat doesn’t have info on the shitty liquors we all know and love, like Burnett’s or Crystal Palace (pronounced “Puh-la-chay,” so that you feel less disgusted when you’re forced to chug it out of a water bottle). While I don’t like or want to drink either of those liquors, they’re usually the only option at parties. So, if you end up drinking cheap liquor most of the time, you might not want to buy this app.

4. It costs money. While the app is only 99 cents, it’s still 99 cents more than I usually pay for apps.

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5. If you only want to look up caloric and price info (and don’t want the “Cal Watch” tab), you can go to their website, where all of that info is available for free.