Picture yourself sitting at your table after making a box of Annie’s Mac & Cheese. You put it all in a bowl because despite the fact that the box says it has four servings inside, you’re going to eat it all by yourself. (Don’t worry, I do the same thing.) You go to grab a utensil because even though you’re about to go ham on the mac, you’re not an animal. Personally, you’ll see me with a fork ‘cause I’m the type that likes to go shell by shell and really savor the bowl of cheesy goodness before it’s gone. But, what would you use? Whether you’re in agreement with me or not, answering that simple question could land you some free Annie’s Mac & Cheese this week in honor of National Mac & Cheese Day on July 14.

If that picture just made you stop for a moment, you're not alone... But back to the freebie.

Annie's is giving away their famous organic Cheddar Mac & Cheese. All you have to do is go on Annie’s website and vote for what you think is the best utensil to properly devour your mac & cheese with between today, July 11 and Saturday, July 14. Your options are spoon or fork.

You know I’ll be voting for the fork. According to Annie's, 71 percent of adults prefer a fork, while kids tend to choose a spoon.

Annie's also recently gave their mac & cheese a major upgrade. They've updated the recipe by changing up both the noodles and cheese, making them even creamier and delicious than ever before.

So whether you're a fork person or a spoon person, if you want to try the new recipe (for free), get online stat and get voting

#SpoonTip: Quantities are limited per day, so vote early, friends.