We all know Anna Kendrick is aca-awesome. She's been in a bunch of hit movies, has the perfect singing voice, and is absolutely hysterical. Who wouldn't want to be like her? I can help you get one step closer by sharing the deets of Anna Kendrick's diet. While eating the same meals as her won't make you famous overnight, it'll at least give you something to do this weekend. 

Anna Kendrick's Diet

Anna Kendrick recently told Ellen that since she's turned 30 she's been trying to eat a lot healthier. She said she's trying to work out and eat more vegetables. She said she used to be able to eat Taco Bell whenever she wanted, but not anymore. 

#SpoonTip: Anna said eating vegetables was awful at first, so don't stress if they're not your favorite food either.

She's also been known to avoid alcohol and dairy for the sake of her singing voice. She says that she can manage without alcohol (I guess she isn't a martini kind of gal), but that dairy is hard for her to totally give up. 

Despite working out rigorously and trying to eat more vegetables, Anna Kendrick is all about treating herself too. She often takes to social media to show her fans her latest baking project. At the end of the day, she's always down to eat peanut butter on Triscuits or a handful of Oreos.

Anna Kendrick's Workout Schedule

Though Anna Kendrick's workout of choice is "walking vigorously" (she described it as a fusion of dance, yoga, and pilates on Ellen), she takes advantage of the the area she lives in by going on hikes. When she's on set, she hops onto the treadmill even though she hates it.

Anna shared that she either works outs for an hour every day or lets herself completely off the hook (she rarely compromises). She also has no trainer (welcome to the club, Anna).

Anna Kendrick's diet is totally doable since it's not really a diet, per se. She's all about balance—a mix of exercise, a few vegetables, and some yummy desserts are all you need to follow in the footsteps of your favorite actress.