With the premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 coming up, it was only natural to compare this important event to food. Who better than some iconic Ann Arbor staples to compete in the ultimate showdown? Let the games begin.

But first, let’s meet the Tributes:

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The Reuben – Zingerman’s

A hearty classic, this sandwich is a staple to the people of Ann Arbor and beyond. Packed heavily with Zingerman’s own corned beef, Switzerland Swiss cheese, Brinery sauerkraut and Russian dressing on grilled, hand-sliced Jewish rye bread, it packs a powerful, filling punch to both your stomach and your heart. It is notorious among Ann Arbor natives and the entire country: a front-runner before the games even begin.

Feta Bread – Pizza House


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A beloved late night order of sorority girls across campus, feta bread provides exactly what you need at 2am. The combination of buttery, greasy goodness with obscene amounts of cheese is incredibly tempting; it is difficult to resist this tribute.

Sweeties – Sava’s

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Though small in size, this mere appetizer of thick sweet potato fries has people buzzing across Ann Arbor. Some say this tribute is flakey, but hey, first impressions are not always correct… Those who understand just how dangerously sweet Sweeties are will need to get on their good side before it’s too late.

Hippie Hash – Fleetwood Diner


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Ah, hippie hash. One of Ann Arbor’s most unique dishes, hippie hash has been a go-to order around the clock at this charming 24-hour diner since 1949. Composed of homemade hash browns, grilled tomatoes, green peppers, onions, mushrooms and broccoli topped with delectable feta cheese, the hippie hash has its own distinct flavor unlike any other popular breakfast option available. This flavorful dish is an undercover front-runner, filled with surprises at every turn in the Games.

Pad Thai – No Thai

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Though a little greasy and questionable at times, pad Thai is a reliable option, that is, if you have a taste for it. Pad Thai is a dangerous combination of rice noodles, green onion, sprouts, and egg, drenched in No Thai’s signature pad thai sauce and topped with crushed peanuts and a lime. The unique mixture of flavors makes for an unexpected bite when you least expect it…

Mac & Cheese Pizza – NYPD


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Combining mac and cheese with pizza? Genius. This delicious slice has the conniving wit of a truly successful tribute, fully aware that on looks alone it will make it to the end. The Mac & Cheese pizza makes friends with everyone, because after all, what’s not to like?

The Results

Feta bread and Pad Thai quickly pair up, bonding over their late night strategic planning. However, at the end of the day, feta bread can and will betray you, leaving a bad taste in your mouth and a bad feeling in your stomach. Similar to it’s former partner in crime Feta Bread, too much of Pad Thai will leave you with a raging stomachache full of #ragrets.

The last four tributes standing are the following: Mac & Cheese Pizza, the Reuben, Sweeties and Hippie Hash. Unfortunately, Mac & Cheese Pizza turns out to be all talk; a flimsy structure will leave this slice falling apart under pressure, literally. Sadly enough, shortly after Mac & Cheese collapses, the Sweeties drown in Sava’s signature sauce that is rumored to be the only thing that can top one of these fries…

In a shocking turn of events, Hippie Hash comes out on top over the hyped Reuben, stunning viewers across the districts (of Ann Arbor). Better luck next time, tributes. In the meantime, head on over to Fleetwood to celebrate.