Have you ever been in a sticky situation at the bar and are looking for a way out? Maybe someone is buying you too many rounds of shots and being pushy, or your Tinder date isn't really who they say they are on their profile? Angel Shots may be the new emergency excuse to get out of the bar and the situation safely, and everyone needs to know about them.

What is an "Angel Shot"?

But wait, what is this mysterious "angel shot?" Despite its name, it is actually not booze. It's a code to the bartender to discreetly let them know you need help. And there are various ways to order the shot depending on how dire the situation is. 

Ordering an "Angel Shot Neat" 

A "neat" shot is just another fancy word for straight up. If you order just an "angel shot" or an "angel shot neat," the bartender will escort you to your car or a taxi.

Ordering an "Angel Shot With Ice"

If you order this life-saving concoction with ice, the bartender will call a taxi or Uber for you and keep an eye on the situation, making sure you can get out of the situation safely. 

Ordering an "Angel Shot With Lime"

Ordering an "angel shot with lime" is the ultimate SOS. The restaurant staff will immediately call the police. Unfortunately, there are some situations out there that deem this necessary and I hope no one ever finds themselves in one.  This movement is seen in areas of Florida and a similar movement called "Asking for Angela" is going on in London. Bars and restaurants put up signs in the women's bathroom to keep this little movement as discreet as possible. 

One out of five women will be sexually assaulted while attending college which is terrifying. Movements like the "angel shot" help individuals get out of sticky situations safely and are raising awareness about sexual violence. My hope is that this movement spreads across all of America to aid women who just want to enjoy themselves at the bar, and not run into any trouble. 

From the rise of date-rape drugs to regularly being subjected to harassment, dates and nights out at bars can be dangerous for women. A system like this could help with nerves and safety everywhere, and is much needed.