College is a weird limbo in between childhood and adulthood in so many ways. You're too old to eat Insomnia Cookies for dinner, but too young to stop yourself from using your newfound adult freedom to do it. You're too young to know the difference between Merlot and Malbec, but too old to not at least pretend like you do at Thanksgiving dinner.

Nicole Laszlo

Naturally, this period of limbo leaves us college kids feeling nostalgic and uncomfortably grown up all at the same time. Luckily, we have the Insomnia Cookies and André Champagne pairings necessary to smooth out your transition to "adulting." Can it get more ~college~ than that?

1. Moscato André and Snickerdoodle Insomnia Cookie

Nicole Laszlo

Moscato wine is essentially fruit juice. I'm actually pretty certain the buzz it gives is a sugar rush and not, in fact, from alcohol.

The best way to enhance this super sweet wine is with more sugar, and what better cookie to do that than a snickerdoodle, coated with sugar and cinnamon? Just beware of the sugar hangover you will certainly get the morning after. 

2. Brut Rosé André and Oatmeal Raisin Insomnia Cookie

Nicole Laszlo

Ah, yes. A classic limbo combo—the taste of borderline bougie adulthood plus the taste of childhood at grandma's house (complete with the mild resentment that she didn't make chocolate chip cookies instead).

Because the Brut Rosé is drier (less sweet) than the Moscato, it pairs much better with the tart raisins in this cookie. I imagine it would be a great combination post-cold-pizza dinner (another college classic). 

3. Brut André and Classic Insomnia Cookie with M&M's

Nicole Laszlo

The Brut André is the only André flavor that actually tastes like it could be served at a real adult's dinner party. This distinct flavor of maturity is desperate for a cookie filled with candy to balance out the ominous feeling it conjures of doing your taxes... on time... and correctly... 

In comes the Classic Insomnia Cookie with M&M's. Push out that tax-filled nightmare and unwind with this childlike pairing.  

4. Spumante André and Chocolate Chunk Insomnia Cookie

Nicole Laszlo

Spumante is basically Moscato but carbonated, just like sparkling cider and apple juice. While this flavor of André unfortunately does not come in an apple-shaped bottle, you can still enjoy it with another childhood classic: the chocolate chip cookie.

Although tantalizingly close to your elementary school recess snack, please don't enjoy this pairing on a playground. That's a little too "Billy Madison," even for college kids. 

Go forth with these Insomnia Cookies and André pairings while you can get away with it, my collegiate kids. Soon, you'll have to pair real wine with real foods like the rest of the professional world (never fear, you're covered there, too).