Easter is fast approaching, and egg versions of our favorite classic confections are everywhere in stores. But, there is one seasonal candy variety that reigns supreme: Russell Stover eggs. They seem to come in a million different flavors, and make me nostalgic for Easter festivities at my grandma's house as a child. Here is the unofficial ranking of the best Russell Stover eggs.

10. Peach Whip

Peach filling in a dark chocolate shell—the unique combo had me questioning this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. The rich dark chocolate complemented the light peach whip well, making it refreshing yet satisfying that chocolate craving.

9. Chocolate Truffle

For serious chocolate lovers only. A whipped truffle center is surrounded by milk chocolate, making this one a rich delight. The smooth, creamy center offsets the texture of the shell nicely, even though there the favor is stagnant throughout. If a heavy dose of chocolate isn't what you're looking for, maybe skip this one.

8. Pecan Delight

Filled with smooth caramel and pecan bits, this one is reminiscent of the classic turtle. It's truly hard to do this combo wrong. It comes in white, milk, and dark chocolate, so you can take your pick—I'm partial to the dark chocolate variety.

7. Marshmallow

This one has filling like marshmallow fluff, super sweet and light. The dark chocolate kind is slightly better than the milk chocolate, as it balances the sugary 'mallow more.

6. Raspberry Whip

Raspberry and chocolate together will never get old. The balance of fruity and chocolate flavor is perfect, like the peach whip, but this one ranks higher for its familiarity.

5. Caramel

Creamy chocolate paired with salty & smooth caramel...need I say more? Basic and a little anticlimactic, but it's such a classic that it deserves a high ranking on this list. Even flavor purists will delight in this egg.

4. Maple Cream

Sweet cream flavored like your morning pancakes fills a shell of dark chocolate. This, however, is not for those without a sweet tooth—it's almost too much to finish at once. Nonetheless, if you love maple, you'll be into this egg.

3. Marshmallow & Caramel

This sounds like it would be way too much at once, but it works. More than that, it just feels so right. Fluffy marshmallow, slightly salty caramel, and creamy milk chocolate melt together in this delightful creation. This one ranks higher than its singular counterparts simply for the fact that it takes two great fillings and makes a whole new experience.

2. Coconut Cream

Creamy coconut enrobed in dark chocolate—a heavenly pairing. The inside is fluffy and light, contrasting the deep chocolate. It's deeply satisfying without being overly filling, meaning you can go back for seconds (or thirds). Almond Joy and Mounds lovers, this is a must try.

1. Peanut Butter

Like a Reese's cup, but with a larger peanut butter to chocolate ratio. This combination can literally never go wrong. Bonus: there's also an extra crunchy peanut butter egg, so all in the endless creamy vs. crunchy debate can have their favorite.

Though these ten are superb, there are many more flavors out there. Brand new tropical flavors, like key lime whip, mango whip, and banana whip, just began rolling out to stores this season. Cookie dough, carrot cake, and red velvet have been spotted in previous years, but are elusive. But, given their large selection, no matter what your taste preferences are, there is a Russell Stover egg you'll love, from nutty to fruity to sugary sweet. Pick up a few to celebrate the holiday with!