My Dearest Cupcake,

It was an early evening in November, the day I first laid eyes on you. I was treating myself after an exam and knew I had to have a bite of your beauty. You weren’t anything special or anything extraordinary, just a pumpkin chocolate cupcake. But dessert is my Achilles' heel, my one true weakness, making you a tasty choice. And so, your chocolatey appearance was no exception as I gave in and relented.

I walked up to the checkout, thinking it'd be “until death do us part.” Little did I know, that it would almost be me that was first to go. I wanted a photo of you to commemorate this indulgent affair, but no label ever warned me that I should have proceeded with caution.

Danielle Orie

You did not tell me. 

You did not tell me you contained cashews. I guess you just expected I’d find out with my first bite. You did not even think to tell me you came into contact with nuts. Soon enough though, I’d find out from the nauseous feeling in my stomach.

I guess I should have been honest too and told you about my severe allergy. Maybe that would have helped. Maybe. Naive because I was young and in love, I took a simple munch. What happened next was far from any sugar high.

My mouth erupted into tingles and my throat swelled like a balloon. My body became a refuge for hives. Swallowing became difficult, so I mean it literally when I say you took away my breath. This was far from my idea of any delicious sort of foreplay.

Danielle Orie

Worried and frantic, I rushed back to my dorm. I needed to use my EpiPen. And while the first injection delivered relief, before I knew it, I was in the hospital and my stay was far from short. Seven times that night, I needed a shot of epinephrine. All I did was love you, was that such a sin? I thought the only drug I needed was you, but this was too strong. I was lost. 

Were it not for the nurses and doctors, I thought I would not survive. They eased me back to health, and I have both them and my friends who stayed at the hospital to thank for keeping me alive.

Danielle Orie

And so you are a lesson, a lesson for us all. I should not have been so quick to love, so easy to let myself fall for you. We are going to have to keep this long distance, as my dessert inclinations give me little ability to resist your flavors.

Farewell, my dearest cupcake. This separation is for the best. I only hope you don't fool others, for this sort of love is not healthy to make a test.

They say if you truly love something, you must set it free. And so I’m letting you go, my dear cupcake, even though it takes a lot out of my heart.


The Victim of Your Love