Huskies is every UConn student's favorite place to get a 25-cent drink — and maybe the only place — but that doesn’t make us love it any less! One of the first things you learn when you turn 21 is that Thursday nights are definitely for Nickel. Waiting outside in line to get into a bar packed with people getting 4 drinks for a dollar is a novelty we will all miss after college, but have you ever thought about the person behind the bar who is making your drinks? I sat down with one of Huskies own, Paige Gorman.

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Erica Buehler

Spoon: How long have you been working at Huskies?

Paige: "I started there my freshman year. I got trained before school even started, and I've been there for four years ever since.” 

Erica Buehler

Spoon: Was this your first bartending job, and what got you interested in becoming a bartender?

Paige: “It was my first bartending job. My uncle is a friend of one of the owners of the bar. It is great money, good hours, and I love the energetic environment. ” 

Spoon: What is your favorite drink to make?

Paige: “Definitely Pistachio Shots! The ingredients are blue curacao, baileys (coffee liquor), and amaretto, it tastes just like pistachio ice cream.” 

Spoon: What would you say is the most popular drink at nickel night?”

Paige: “Vodka Sprite.” 

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Erica Buehler

Spoon: What is your favorite night of the week to work?”

Paige: “Saturdays; this is when you get the most money, most people, and the most energetic crowd. I also like working the new Martinis nights, because its more challenging than just making 100 vodka sprites. There is also live music, so it's a fun environment.” 

Erica Buehler

Spoon: What is your favorite thing about working at Huskies?

Paige: “The environment is very fun, crazy stuff happens and there is no judgment. It’s fun to be the sober one watching everyone have fun. I love the people I work with, and being able to socialize. I am never bummed to go to work because I get to see the same people I would when I go out anyways.”

Spoon: Do you have a least favorite thing about working at Huskies?”

Paige: “I hate it when people act entitled. Entitled customers piss me off.”

Spoon: Do you like the new huskies location better than the old location?

Paige: "The new location is definitely nice, and more enjoyable to be at because it's bigger, but the old Huskies will always have my heart.” 

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Erica Buehler

Spoon: Can you tell me anything about the new rules Huskies has put in place?

Paige: “If a bouncer or a bartender sees that you either dump ice on the floor or steal someone’s cup, you ultimately get thrown out. It’s pretty harsh, but once it catches on it will be very helpful. My advice: you want to be friends with your bartender.” 

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Erica Buehler

Spoon: Do you know anything about the new Huskies tavern?

Paige: “It’s supposed to be opening in March. there will be live music, great food, overall more of a classier environment. I’ve seen it and its looks beautiful so far, and honestly, their food is really good.” 

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Erica Buehler

Paige: I’d like to give a shout out to the Huskies twitter for updates & deals: @Huskies_Bar 

There you have it folks, an exclusive interview with one of Huskies Bartenders. Next time you go to Huskies, make sure to try the pistachio shots!