While struggling with Boston’s notorious winter chill, I start to crave warmth and comfort. Typically what comes to mind is the ultimate comfort food: udon. Nothing feels more soothing than warm, umami broth and chewy noodles when the temperature hits single digits.

Lucky for us Bostonians, well known udon brasserie Tsurutontan recently opened in Kenmore Square. 

Hailing from the Kagawa prefecture in Shikoku, Japan, the brasserie debuted its first international location in New York before it reached Boston at the Hotel Commonwealth, making the location easily accessible to students. The Kenmore Station is also right next to the restaurant, making the commute convenient for those less close to Kenmore.

Despite the nearby, established competition (think nearby spots Futago Udon and Love Art Udon), Tsurutontan holds its own with its extensive udon options, classy ambiance, and its creative spin on the traditional Japanese cuisine. 

Udon Heaven

Tsurutontan has an overwhelming amount of udon options ranging from dashi-broth udon to the more adventurous, creme based ones. Here you can order crazy combinations, such as truffle and crab, or opt for safer niku udon. Not to mention, the humongous bowl sizes ensure that you will be more than full after finishing it.

Although they have some more inventive bowls, Tsurutontan stays true to tradition through their commitment to noodle craftsmanship.

This dedication can even be seen in its name, which is three onomatopoeias, describing udon sounds: “Tsuru” — the sound of slurping noodles, “Ton” — the sound of kneading and shaping udon, and lastly “Tan” — the sound of cutting udon. Every strand of udon is made in-house using a special blend of Japanese flour.

Tsurutontan isn't just serving up udon, with vast amount of non-udon options on the menu as well. Options range from their sashimi to appetizers and rice dishes. The extensive assortment follows their mission, which is to “create a pleasurable experience for our guests by providing various selections of Japanese food for all.”

The restaurant also closely caters to your experience through its hospitality and decor.

The decor is modern and chic — great for a moderately special occasion or dinner with friends. Additionally, the dim lights provide an intimate setting, which makes it appropriate for a date night.

You are immediately greeted by a host once you enter and are ushered to a table once everyone in your group is present. During busy hours it does get quite crowded, and you may have to wait depending on the size of your party.

Overall, Tsurutontan is a welcomed addition to Boston and a must-try at that.