Until a few weeks ago, I was a very vocal bagel-hater who thought bagels were doughnuts' ugly siblings. Today, the highlight of my day was the Pumpernickel bagel I ate for lunch. What's changed so drastically in just a couple of weeks? Having moved to NYC for the summer, I've finally had the chance to experience what real bagels taste like, and I hate to admit, but they are my new favorite sandwich bread. 

Eat them plain, with cream cheese, or even as a full blown sandwich-- bagels never disappoint. If you're new to bagels like I was until recently, an everything bagel is the way to go. Its hints of garlic, sesame, and onion make it high on flavor without being overwhelming at all. A complete amalgamation of textures and tastes, it truly encapsulates the essence of New York and its incredible diversity. 

bagel, lettuce, bun, sandwich, cheese
Gillian Bayer

Where to find the best bagels

If you're looking for bagel shops in New York, Tompkins Square Bagels and Bagelsmith in Brooklyn are my two favorites. For a quick bite, stick to the classic cream cheese filling. But if it's mealtime, definitely try The Dylan at Tompkins Square Bagels. The pesto omelet, tomato and mozzarella filling make it the most satisfying sandwich I've ever eaten. 

As someone who has very strong opinions about food, I was pretty surprised at how quickly my views on bagels changed after I moved here. But after two weeks in NYC, I truly can see how pretending to be a bagel on Tinder helped this guy get more matches--I know I'd swipe right.