Are you looking for an everything sauce that's more versatile, mission-driven, and healthier than your typical sauce? Look no further! Sienna Sauce is the brainchild of young CEO and entrepreneur Tyla-Simone Crayton. Crayton is a high-achieving student securing deals on Shark Tank, earning money at pitch competitions, and receiving awards and honors from countless organizations.

The Everything Sauce

What started as an attempt to recreate Tyla-Simone's favorite sauce from a closed-down wing place became Sienna Sauce, a family-based business, now sold nationwide. Sienna Sauce products are best described as "Everything Sauces" that can be used as dips, marinades, glazes, or ingredients in all kinds of recipes. This company is setting a new culinary standard. Not only are all the sauces honey-based, low sodium, and gluten-free, but they also don't contain any high-fructose corn syrup. Below are the four mouthwatering flavors our group tasted, and what to expect from them. 


Olivia Ramos

Sweet & Tangy, my personal favorite, adds a sweet, zesty flavor that's great when doused on chicken wings and fries. It’s just as amazing as a marinade or dipping sauce for tacos.

Lemon Pepper is less viscous, with a pleasantly surprising and unexpected lemony tang. This sauce makes the perfect marinade for contrasting the flaky texture of seafood–especially salmon.

Spice It Up! was the overall group favorite for its spice-forward kick, paired with a subtle honey aftertaste. This flavor saw no shortage of compliments: as one person exclaimed, "it has such a great balance of spice and I loved putting it on wings and fries!"

Smokey Brown was the opposite, with a sweet flavor profile and smoky spice undertones. This sauce also had raving reviews, with suggestions that the "sweet and savory combination would go amazing with umami barbecue."


Olivia Ramos

If you’re in the mood for something new, combine the sauces to create unique flavors for any recipe! Mixing Spice It Up! and Sweet & Tangy creates a decadent blend of spicy and tangy notes, which pair well with burgers and fries. Lemon Pepper and Smokey Brown also go great together, adding some smoky sweetness to grilled vegetables or a slice of pizza.

To find inspiration for your next meal, the Sienna Sauce website shows countless ways to use the sauces as a condiment, marinade, seasoning, or dip. Some fan-favorite recipes include Spice It Up! Firecracker Shrimp, Lemon Pepper meatloaf, Sweet & Tangy Royal Ribs, and Smokey Brown lamb chops. The sauce and food combinations are endless.

Olivia Ramos

To meet consumer demand for these mouthwatering sauces, Sienna Sauce's next step is raising funds for retail and food service expansion. If the company's goal to "disrupt the condiments industry with the mission of providing unique flavors" resonates with you, invest here to make their vision come true. With a sauce for every occasion, find a store near you or order online to try them for yourself. Follow Sienna Sauce (@siennasauce) on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with new location drops and other saucy news. In the words of the Sauce Boss Tyla-Simone herself: Live, Love & Sauce it Up!