Japan is known for launching some of the most unique and fun ice cream flavors, like 24 Karat gold ice cream. Well, lucky for Americans, the gold ice cream is now available in the states. The ice cream is covered in 24 Karat gold leaves, while the cone is sprayed with 24 Karat gold. Like, just stop right there! It can’t get more over the top than that, right? 

According to Food & Wine, you can get a golden cone at Snowopolis, located in Anaheim, California, just a short walk from Disneyland. Taking note from their neighbors, they're making many people’s dreams come true (especially mine) with this new ice cream cone. It’s also the perfect location for it; a place where it’s ice cream weather all the time. TBH, there’s never a time when I don’t want a 24 Karat gold ice cream cone, but one would be especially good in warmer weather. 

If you’re like me, you’re definitely wondering what this insanely Insta-worthy product even tastes like. Here’s the deal: It’s just vanilla ice cream, but coated in gold leaves. So, it takes on the flavor of the ice cream, rather than providing its own flavor. So picture just vanilla ice cream, but *enhanced* with gold. 

The best part—it's only $14.95 per scoop. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the price of your typical ice cream cone, but that makes sense because it’s not anything like your everyday snack, either. This is gold we’re talking about, people. So get yourselves to Anaheim ASAP. You won’t regret it.