First Street and Springfield Avenue sounds like it’s on the opposite side of the world, but AM-KO Oriental Foods and Gifts will transport you to the far east just by walking through the front doors. Aisle after aisle, customers can find everything from chickens’ feet to fruit gummy strips. It is a limitless conundrum of meats, produce, candies and plum wine. This isn’t where you buy sushi; this is where you go to make your own sushi. From seaweed to wasabi and rice, what more could you want? Prices resemble $1.50 for a pomegranate and for other fresh produce; a steal compared to other on-campus grocery stores. And if you didn’t see yourself cooking Asian cuisine before walking in, you will after visiting AM-KO.

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If you don’t want to venture out, or can’t make the trip, AM-KO is now offering a special delivery service – just give them a call and they can ship your wish list right to your door. AM-KO prides itself on being a neighborhood grocery store because of it’s convenience, affordable prices and infinite options (some without English descriptions). As cashier Joanne Lee perfectly describes it, “This is the only store you can get real Asian food.”

Address: 101 E. Springfield Ave., Champaign, IL

Hours of operation: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-7pm