Amedei Chocolate is a company based in Tuscany that creates gourmet, authentic dark chocolate products. They offer customers the opportunity to reach a new level of love for chocolate. That's a lofty goal, but Amedei is the real deal. It counts six wins of the Academy of Chocolate's "Golden Bean" award and is sought after by many top chefs who believe it's the world's best. Here are six reasons to give their products a try.

1. Authentic Ingredients from Around the World

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Emma Delaney

It's not every day you indulge in chocolate made from cocoa grown in Madagascar, Venezuela, Ecuador, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Grenada.

2. The Aroma

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Emma Delaney

Amedei's hands-on process means that the the aroma of the ingredients is present in the final product. In other words, this stuff smells great, like a mix of cocoa and spices. Not everyone can say their chocolate smells as good as it tastes.

3. Commitment to the Entire Process

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Emma Delaney

Company founder Cecilia Tessieri believes that quality is more important than quantity. Her ingredients frequently undergo quality checks throughout the detail-oriented, multi-step process from bean to bar. Amedei is the only Italian chocolate seller that has complete control over its process, and Tessieri is the only woman in the world with the title of chocolatier. That's what I'd call impressive.

4. Variety of Unique Products

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Emma Delaney

Napolitains are Amedei's small squares of chocolate best for sampling lots of flavors. Their standard size bars are ideal for sharing or stocking up on your favorites.

Amedei makes boxed sets of pralines infused with flavors such as orange, rhubarb, and coffee. Also available are chocolate and hazelnut spreads, perfect for those looking for a bit of Amedei's best before dessert. If it's slathered on toast it counts as breakfast, right?

5. The Taste

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Emma Delaney

The Toscano Red bar with pieces of dried strawberry, cherry, and raspberry was a favorite among my taste-testers. The Porcelana is creamy with a crispier texture, and Toscano Blonde has a subtle fruity flavor from the dried peaches and apricots. The Jamaica Napolitain has a level flavor, the Ecuador has a sharp aftertaste, and the Madagascar has a flavorful citrus edge.

6. The Full Experience 

Emma Delaney

Amedei Chocolate is unique in flavor, origin, and mission. They promise a full chocolate tasting experience, and for those dark chocolate fans they deliver. 

Italian desserts are well known and loved. Typically gelato and cannolis come to mind, but this chocolate is a fierce competitor. Next time you're craving some or need a gift for a chocoholic friend, stop by Amedei's New York City store near Union Square or have products delivered to your front door.  

Disclaimer: Thanks to Amadei for sending free product samples, but this review is entirely honest and all opinions are my own.