We've all found ourselves in a situation where there isn't enough time to sit down and eat a balanced meal. School, work, and the chaos of life often leave little time to think about eating anything in general, let alone a sustainable meal. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or a quick pick-me-up in between classes, having an on-the-go snack that's nutritious and efficient seems impossible. Fortunately, ALOHA is here to save us.

ALOHA uses plant-based sources of protein to provide you with a convenient, organic energy bar that's suitable for any diet. Since they're a relatively new brand, you may not know what to buy, so I ranked all of the current ALOHA bar flavors to help you with your decision.

Disclaimer: ALOHA graciously sent me these bars free of charge, but all opinions are my own!

4. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Cassidy Orr

Wave your last goodbye to chewy, artificial-tasting protein bars. The exterior of this bar has a genuine fudgy texture with a cakey inside, which—wait for it—tastes like you're eating an actual brownie. How crazy is that?

The inside does get a bit powdery once it hits your mouth, and the first few bites have an aftertaste. But since you're getting 14g of plant-based protein out of a bar that tastes exactly like a brownie, that's something that I can easily overlook.

3. Vanilla Almond Crunch

Cassidy Orr

The crunch doesn't lie—every bite brings a delightful mouthful of toasted almonds. The vanilla flavor is bold but it's the perfect amount you need. The bar itself is extremely soft, pleasant, and vaguely reminiscent of a Clif Bar. 

The vanilla almond crunch is a light bar that's subtly satisfying in every aspect—it's hard to stop yourself from shoving this one down all at once.

2. Chocolate Mint

Cassidy Orr

This bar is basically Thin Mints' protein-packed cousin. It tastes exactly like a Thin Mint cookie, but you get ALOHA's added health benefits. Tremendous flavor and nutrition isn't the only thing that this bar gives you—it also acts as a breath freshener. One bite out of this treat and your breath gets an instant minty makeover. 

Although the texture is similar to the Chocolate Fudge Brownie bar, the inside doesn't get powdery, and the only aftertaste is mint. Is the Chocolate Mint bar a dream come true? Absolutely. It's everything you could ever hope for in a protein bar and more. The chocolate and mint flavor combination is the real winner of this ALOHA bar.

1. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Cassidy Orr

Expect nothing less than pure perfection when you tear into this Reese's-esque protein bar. The peanut flavor is dominant but beautifully complements the chocolate chips. Real peanut pieces give this bar a light crunch to contrast its soft texture, like the vanilla almond crunch. 

The overall combination of an enjoyable texture and perfect peanut-to-chocolate ratio pushes this flavor to the top of the list.

This list was made to help you narrow your search for the best bar to buy, but in truth, any flavor you choose will make you a winner. Because ALOHA bars use organic ingredients, you can ease your mind about artificial add-ins that companies may sneak into your product.

Having a substantial snack on hand that's versatile, healthy, and delicious seems an impossible feat, but thanks to ALOHA, our cabinets (and stomachs) can always be full of healthful energy. To buy your own, you can use their handy-dandy store locator to buy them near you. Better yet, you can have them shipped straight to your door.