Coffee and cheese are hard to live without. We all need our daily caffeine fix, and we love to put cheese on everything. But putting cheese on coffee? Such an idea might bring a frown to your face, but disagree as much as you want, cheese coffee is definitely a thing right now.

Cheese coffee started becoming popular after its debut in an LA-based café named Percolate.

The most part of the cup is, of course, filled with cold brew coffee, but what stirs people’s curiosity and amusement is the thick white layer floating on top.

This topping is whipped out of cream cheese and heavy cream, then sprinkled with chocolate powder. A sip of the drink would trigger all your taste buds as all the flavors blend.

The drink is specifically named BST – short for bittersweet tiramisu – at Percolate. However, the inspiration for this drink has its roots in the Asian tea culture.

The original idea is cheese tea – as the name suggests, iced tea topped with cheese. After boba tea, cheese tea is the next Asian drink sensation that has made its way to other Western countries.

The idea of cheese coffee adds yet another variation to the list of cheese-topped drinks, which come with a nice balance of sweetness, bitterness and saltiness.

While you can stir up to mix the topping with the base, the best recommendation is to just tilt your head back with the cup on your lips and take a sip, so that you can enjoy both the rich, creamy mousse and the strong coffee all in one go.

Now that you have known the basics of cheese coffee, go grab yourself a cup, and don’t forget to take a snapshot of your cheese mustache