Halloween's a blast (in the same way that grass is green and water's wet). It means scary movies (or the Scary Movie series), pumpkin everything, and chocolate on chocolate on chocolate! But all that chocolate and sugar can have a really negative impact (and not just on your insulin levels). Buying conventional products, especially things like chocolate, coffee, and sugar, runs the risk of exploitation along the supply chain. Forced laborers, child workers, and farmers earning unfairly low wages are all common in these relatively unregulated yet highly profitable industries. To make sure that only spooky scary skeletons (and not unethical environmental and labor practices) give you the creeps this year, I've put together how to have a delicious and Fairtrade Halloween, featuring Fairtrade America certified products. 

1. Start your day off right with Nature's Path Organics Pumpkin Pie Frosted Toaster Pastries.

Your favorite childhood breakfast, all grown up. Featuring organic pumpkin and Fairtrade America certified sugar, you can feel good about this delicious breakfast (or lunch, snack, dinner, dessert... we don't judge!). Wash them down with a cup of coffee, like Kicking Horse Coffee

2. Snack on some Endangered Species Chocolate.

Getting ready for parties is hard work. Reward and re-energize with Endangered Species chocolate. Not only is it Fairtrade America certified, the company also gives a portion of profits to support conservation efforts and help protect endangered species (so fewer ghosts to worry about!). 

3. Set out your candy bowl for the trick-or-treaters, full of Tony's Chocolonely Milk Caramel Sea Salt 32% Halloween Tiny Tony's

Bite size, Fairtrade America certified milk chocolate-- you can feel good about giving these out (or snagging a few for yourself). 

4. Set out the party snacks-- don't forget Lily's Sweets!

Nothing's better than a peanut butter cup, except a whole bunch of peanut butter cups (in milk chocolate and vegan dark chocolate), chocolate covered peanuts and almonds, and delicious chocolate bars-- all Fairtrade America certified and stevia-sweetened. Plus, enter their giveaway before midnight on Halloween to receive a fabulous box of snacks and prizes (including Bombas socks and an Amazon gift card!)

5. Make caramel apples-- with Fran's Caramel Sauce!

Those apples you picked over the weekend deserve the best treatment, and what's better than a delicious, organic, and Fairtrade America certified caramel sauce? Probably nothing. 

Happy Halloween-- remember to stay safe and shop Fairtrade! Curious about more products (and why you should buy them)? Check out my article 5 Reasons to Start Buying Fairtrade (and 5 Fairtrade Treats)