Theobroma means the Food of Gods, and its brownies sure do live up to that standard. In my one month of working near a Theobroma store, I made sure to taste as many of them as I could (read: ALL). While many of their other offerings did not excite me, the brownies are amazing. On a normal day, they have seven different varieties of brownies. They never really seem to run out of brownies or options, which is surprising yet ever-so promising. Here's my definitive ranking of all the Theobroma brownies:

(walnut, cookie, oreo, red velvet, overload, millionaire, choco chip)

7. Walnut

Maybe this is just because I'm not a big fan of walnuts, but this brownie is very ordinary. Nothing great or new, although it has signature gooey-ness of every Theo brownie. 

6. Millionaire/ Overload

I love chocolate, I really do. But I have a problem when there's so much chocolate that you can't really taste the brownie, and when it's so fudgy that you cannot finish even one brownie entirely. This is jointly ranked because although I enjoy a few bites of this, it makes me feel like I've had WAY too much sugar in a very short span. This is neither classic nor fun, except for the first few bites.

4. Cookie

I had high hopes for this one because you can't really go wrong with cookies in any form. Cookie ice cream, milkshakes, actual cookies, cookie dough are all perfection. But this one didn't really live up to my expectations: it just has a thick layer of cookie on top which doesn't add much to the brownie. It doesn't taste good or bad, just confusing. 

3. Red Velvet

I have a huge soft spot for red velvet anything, and I'm a big sucked for red velvet cupcakes. While the red velvet brownie is not half bad, red velvet is nothing without its cream cheese. The topping for the brownie is not discernibly cream cheese, it could also be white chocolate but I really can't tell. This is why this brownie isn't rank #1, but it is pretty good (unless you have a very high standard for red velvet desserts).

2. Choco Chip

This was the first Theo brownie I had a couple of years ago, and it set the standard pretty high. Its my go-to and is so comforting after a long day. I have a very small qualm with it: it is also a bit too chocolaty. I love desserts which aren't too sweet, and something which I can eat multiples of. This is not something I can go for seconds with, but that's a very minor inconvenience. 

1. OREO!

The Oreo brownie is perfect: more than chocolate, no nuts, a fun treat as the topping. But what I love the most about it is that it isn't too sweet. The Oreo cookie part balances out a lot of the gooey chocolate and the cream part is a pleasant surprise as you eat the brownie. The other reason why I didn't like the Cookie brownie as much was this brownie; if this one could be so perfect, I really expected way more from the Cookie brownie. But it really couldn't match up to the perfection that is Oreo.