Oreos are as much of a classic as apple pie, yet Nabisco is constantly on the search for new, quirky flavors. While the flavors are sometimes questionable (like Swedish Fish and Waffles and Syrup), the next few flavors will pleasantly surprise you. Oreo dropped the news at the Sweets and Snacks Expo late last month, and each of these new Oreos are based on a favorite dessert (other than the cookie itself). You'll want to add at least one of them, if not all, to your summer bucket list.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreo

After a series of pie turned Oreos—Blueberry Pie Oreos, Apple Pie Oreos, Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos, and Key Lime Pie Oreos— it looks like Nabisco is returning to the classic Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. These Oreos are a half-and-half combination of peanut butter and chocolate creme on a graham cracker-flavored cookie.

According to food reviewer @junkbanter, they're slightly more peanut butter-y than chocolate-y and they almost taste like Nutter Butters. They can be found at Walmart and Target. 

Pistachio Thins

Personally, I'm pretty excited to try Pistachio Oreo Thins. I'm envisioning some delicious pistachio gelato combined with Oreo cookies, and I can't wait. In @junkbanter's review of these Oreos, he started out by skeptically criticizing the them. But once he had a bite, he was sold. They taste more like pistachio ice cream over the actual nut. They wrote, "It’s a full-bodied, in-your-face flavor that hits you in the face right away. But it’s smooth, and it’s remarkable…" See? I told you they'd be delicious. You can also find these at Walmart or Target.

Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake

And now, onto the Limited Edition crazy concoctions... First up is the Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake. Unfortunately, there were no samples to be had and these won't come out until later this summer, but this is definitely one to keep your eye on. With a strawberry ice cream center and vanilla cookie with strawberry flavored bits, this one will take the strawberry shortcake ice cream treat and bring it up a notch. (No more ice cream dripping down your hand is a win.)

Rocky Road Trip Oreo

In a new spin on the chocolate Oreo, these will add a few fun textures and bits to change it all up. The Rocky Road flavor features marshmallow bits inside the cookie with rocky road ice cream flavored creme. You'll want to try these ASAP once they hit stores this summer.

Micky Mouse Birthday Cake Oreos

And for the very last summer Oreo, we have these Micky Mouse birthday cake Oreos. ICYMI, this year will be Micky Mouse's 90th anniversary, and as tribute, Nabisco has created these blasts from the past. The best part? The cookies are decorated with three different Mickey Mouse designs encasing birthday cake-flavored creme.

As a picky eater, I tend to air on the more cautious side with new flavors. Personally, however, I'm all about the Pistachio Thins; @junkbanter called the pistachio creme "one of the best cremes [Nabisco] has ever produced." There are truly some bizarre ones out there, but all of these actually sound quite delicious. Keep an eye out for them on store shelves in 2018.